Episode Listing for Virtual Worlds Keynote
Go to Dell Takes Local Events Global

Episode 7 Broadcast 5 April 2010

Laura P Thomas from Dell shares her experiences with holding virtual events in Second Life to cut costs and increase word-of-mouth marketing campaign effectiveness

Go to From Contact to Client in Second Life

Episode 6 Broadcast 29 March 2010

Ernie C Young, CEO of SalesTeam East LLC tells how his sales force training principles apply to Second Life and how engagement is the key to increasing sales

Go to The Amputee Virtual Environment Support System

Episode 5 Broadcast 15 March 2010

Doug Thompson of Remedy Limited reveals how their company worked with Virtual Ability and used Second Life Enterprise on a project focused on military amputee peer support and rehabilitation.

Go to Supermarket Planograms in 3D

Episode 4 Broadcast 8 March 2010

Justin Bovington of Rivers Run Red shows us how they use a virtual world immersive experience to help market test product identification and supermarket displays.

Go to Strategic Planning with IBM & Schneider Electric

Episode 3 Broadcast 1 March 2010

Find out how Anders Grondstedt, President of The Gronstedt Group works with big companies like IBM and Schneider Electric to reduce travel while still holding global strategic planning meetings.

Go to Real World Expos in Virtual Spaces

Episode 2 Broadcast 22 February 2010

Helene Zuili shows how her company uses Second Life to prototype and rehearse in preparation for a RL trade show exhibit. From the conception of the booth to marketing and sales, they used a virtual world to complement the real world booth in an exhibition and optimize the investment.

Go to Why We Sold Our Real Building and Went Totally Virtual

Episode 1 Broadcast 15 February 2010

Meet Jonena Relth and learn how TBD Consulting has succeeded using web 2.0 tools and immersive environments like Second Life to train and teach