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Go to Portrait Island - doppelganger

Panel discussion about the exhibit and Q&A with the artists at the launch of Portrait Island in Second Life, an art initiative by the Australian National Portrait Gallery.

Episode 1 Broadcast 22 March 2010

Go to Lymphoma Discussion presented by Roche Australia

Episode 1 Broadcast 5 October 2009

Professor Jeffrey Szer Clinical Haematologist, Royal Melbourne & Western Hospitals explains what Lymphoma is, how to recognize it, and how it is treated.

Go to The Evolution of the Virtual Workforce

Episode 3 Broadcast 1 September 2009

Rita J. King of Dancing Ink Productions hosts this round-table discussion at the Manpower island in virtual world Second Life with Don Tapscott, author of "Grown-Up Digital". Guests include Jeff Joerres & Tammy Johns of Manpower, Amanda Van Nuys of Linden Lab, Chuck Hamilton of IBM, and Spencer Zuzolo of 3D Squared. *** The Evolution of the Virtual Workforce: A Conversation with Don Tapscott and Guests Hosted by Manpower Inc. *** Broadcast live on 01 September 2009

Go to MacArthur Foundation Island Launch in Second Life

Episode 2 Broadcast 18 May 2009

Welcome to the MacArthur Foundation launch of their Second Life island with a great discussion between MacArthur Foundation President Jonathan Fanton and one of the founders of Second Life, Cory Ondrejka that took place on 18 May 2009. Thanks to Rik Panganiban and the great team from GlobalKids that organized this event in Second Life.

Go to Blogging The Future: Global Coverage of Swine Flu

Episode 2 Broadcast 16 May 2009

Dancing Ink brings us another discussion from the American University in Cairo on 16 May 2009 with journalist Lawrence Pintak, blogger spokesperson Walid Al-Saqqat and CDC's Jay Bernhardt and Glenn Nowak to discuss the media's treatment of Swine Flu

Go to American University in Cairo's Virtual Newsroom

Episode 1 Broadcast 12 January 2009

Watch US Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs James Glassman field questions from a group of bloggers on 12 January 2009 from the American University in Cairo's Virtual Newsroom presented by Dancing Ink Productions

Go to World Bank Group - Doing Business 2009

Episode 1 Broadcast 30 October 2008

Watch Dahlia Khalifa in Second Life present the report findings of 'Doing Business 2009' followed by a Question & Answer session from the audience.

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A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

There are many important and high profile events taking place in virtual worlds and our Special Events coverage has recorded many of them.

Treet has been pleased to partner with groups such as Global Kids, Dancing Ink Productions and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation to present a range of talks and activities staged in Second Life.

Notable events include the Manpower round-table with Don Tapscott, author of Grown-Up Digital, launch of MacArthur Foundation Island by it’s President Jonathan Fanton, US Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs James Glassman responding to questions from Cairo bloggers and the World Bank Group launch of the Doing Business 2009 report.