Find out what corporations and enterprise organizations are doing in virtual worlds that has worked well. Hydra Shaftoe is your host and moderator for this panel discussion with Second Life business people Dusan Writer of Remedy Communications, Logan Linden of Linden Lab, Zha Ewry of IBM, and Digistar Brouwer of Nokia.

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A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

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