Episode Listing for Nokia Connecting Worlds
Go to Virtual Job Fair

Episode 3 Broadcast 2 December 2009

Nokia is transforming itself and IT is at the heart of changes. Hydra Shaftoe is your host and moderator for this presentation and panel discussion explaining the virtual job fair and new opportunities in IT at Nokia.

Go to Effective Corporate Virtual World Usage

Episode 2 Broadcast 4 May 2009

Find out what corporations and enterprise organizations are doing in virtual worlds that has worked well. Hydra Shaftoe is your host and moderator for this panel discussion with Second Life business people Dusan Writer of Remedy Communications, Logan Linden of Linden Lab, Zha Ewry of IBM, and Digistar Brouwer of Nokia.

Go to Perception of Non-Human Avatars

Episode 1 Broadcast 7 April 2009

Professional business people are working every day in virtual worlds as robots, dragons, elves, and animals. Find out if that is a hindrance or asset. Your host Hydra Shaftoe (wolf) finds out from this panel: Blue Linden (dragon), ePredator Potato (alien), Digistar Brower (Nokia spokesperson), Hiro Pendragon (ninja), Seklit Diller (furry), and Flea Busy who creates fancy avatars.