Metanomics provokes a lively debate amongst audience members as the issues surrounding serious uses of virtual worlds are explored.

Started in September 2007 by Professor Robert Bloomfield of the Johnson Graduate School, Cornell University, Metanomics has become a valued forum for discussion of business issues surrounding virtual worlds.

Learn from the executives, entrepreneurs, educators and artists who are using virtual world technologies; the researchers who are studying them; and the policy makers who will influence how they affect our real-world society.

Past guests include author Edward Castronova, US Congress representative Dan Miller, writers Julian Dibbell and Professor Tyler Cowen.

Metanomics has presented several mixed reality events, including the SL Enterprise launch, virtual goods panel at Engage Expo, Active Worlds mixed reality event featuring Sandra Kearney (IBM) and the Emory University mixed reality panel discussion.

Metanomics is brought to you by Dusan Writer's Metaverse and Remedy Communications.

When: Wednesdays 12:00PM SLT
Where: Metanomics Island & partner locations

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