Professor Joshua Fairfield joins Robert Bloomfield for a candid discussion on the newly revised Second Life terms of service and the legal implications of mixed reality.

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A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

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Set aside some time on January 27 for the next Metanomics show. It looks like a fascinating lead-up to the PBS Frontline documentary airing in February, Life on the Virtual Frontier. Robert Bloomfield will talk with Douglas Rushkoff, writer, teacher, and all-around expert on the subject.

See the full description and the PBS Frontline trailer at Metanomics site

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Independent View of TOS For Second Life

Joshua Fairfield gave a fantastic overview of the newly announced Second Life Terms of Service from a legal point of view. His opening remarks about a shift in direction were:

"A natural evolution, but in two completely different directions..." and the "... new changes are almost schizophrenic."

This again underscores the feeling that Linden Lab is in a state of transition between the original founders vision of 'Your World, Your Imagination', to more of an industry standard 'everything you create is licensed by Linden Lab'. Kind of a shame in many ways.

The show does not go into all the details contained in the new TOS, so the details of the new terms are worth a read if you are a creator, designer or builder. Grace McDunnough has a review (and cool countdown clock!) worth checking out.


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Linden Labs has added Metanomics to their list of “Success Stories” and rightly so, as we demonstrate week after week, with an audience that arrives prepared to wrestle with the evolution of this innovative new environment. Please, join us today as we continue our explore of “Virtual Worlds, Seriously.”