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Go to Gametech: The Future of Virtual Worlds

The Armed Services have used simulation tools in training scenarios for a long time, and now virtual world environments are also being embraced by the military. Join us for a mixed reality panel discussion from the 2011 Defense GameTech Users' Conference in Orlando.

Episode 128 Broadcast 24 March 2011

Go to Intersections International - Spirituality in the Age of the Machine

Episode 127 Broadcast 7 March 2011

Dusan Writer is joined by guests Scott Thompson, Director of Social Dialogue and Training Initiatives at Intersections; Lawrence Winters, author of "The Making and Unmaking of a Marine"; and Robert Chase, Executive Director at Intersections International to talk about citizen and soldier dialogues using virtual environments. See:

Go to Cyborg to Borg Continued

Episode 126 Broadcast 28 February 2011

Michael Chorost returns to tell us about his new book "World Wide Mind - the Coming Integration of Humanity, Machines, and the Internet". Host Robert Bloomfield continues a great discussion started in a previous visit that discussed another book by Michael, "Rebuilt - How Becoming a Computer Made Me More Human" See: Twitter: @MikeChorost Facebook:

Go to Paul Ford

Episode 125 Broadcast 21 February 2011

Paul Ford, online writer, publisher and programmer joins host Robert Bloomfield for a discussion about the direction our lives take us as we become increasingly digital.

Go to Daryl J. Bem, Social Psychologist

Episode 124 Broadcast 7 February 2011

Daryl J. Bem, Social Psychologist Emeritus joins Robert Bloomfield to discuss the methods social psychologists use to conduct studies and analyze the statistical results. Dr Bem's illustrious career includes work in self-perception, personality theory, and ESP. More from Daryl Bem at: And on the Metanomics page:

Go to Master Class in Digital Anthropology and Our Virtual Lives

Episode 123 Broadcast 31 January 2011

Dusan Writer welcomes Tom Boellstorff, Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, back to the Metanomics studio for a thought-provoking discussion about research, culture and virtual spaces.

Go to Second Life, Virtual Worlds and the State of the Union

Episode 122 Broadcast 13 December 2010

Year's-end gives us a look back and forward as this panel of experts discusses Second Life, Virtual Worlds and the general state of affairs. Professor Robert Bloomfield welcomes Larry Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of the New Media Consortium; Brian Kaihoi of the Mayo Clinic; and Terry Beaubois, Professor of the College of Architecture and Director of the Creative Research Lab (CRLab) at Montana State University

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A Brief Brief

For two days Second Life's favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you're barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet ( with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There's hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.

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Set aside some time on January 27 for the next Metanomics show. It looks like a fascinating lead-up to the PBS Frontline documentary airing in February, Life on the Virtual Frontier. Robert Bloomfield will talk with Douglas Rushkoff, writer, teacher, and all-around expert on the subject.

See the full description and the PBS Frontline trailer at Metanomics site


LL Case Study- Metanomics IILL Case Study- Metanomics II

Linden Labs has added Metanomics to their list of “Success Stories” and rightly so, as we demonstrate week after week, with an audience that arrives prepared to wrestle with the evolution of this innovative new environment. Please, join us today as we continue our explore of “Virtual Worlds, Seriously.”

Go to Fleep Tuque on SLCC 2010

Community leader Fleep Tuque tells us about SLCC 2010 scheduled for Boston MA in August. See for more info

Go to Audience: What about accessibility?

Rob starts with the most pressing audience Viewer 2 question about features for those with disabilities.

Go to ePredator Waves

In the middle of a Metanomics episode, ePredator figures out what the fuss is about, and loses himself. Watch as Sandra is talking from real-life and Active Worlds, and ePredator walks up behind here and waves to himself (sitting in the audience in Second Life).

Metanomics provokes a lively debate amongst audience members as the issues surrounding serious uses of virtual worlds are explored.

Started in September 2007 by Professor Robert Bloomfield of the Johnson Graduate School, Cornell University, Metanomics has become a valued forum for discussion of business issues surrounding virtual worlds.

Learn from the executives, entrepreneurs, educators and artists who are using virtual world technologies; the researchers who are studying them; and the policy makers who will influence how they affect our real-world society.

Past guests include author Edward Castronova, US Congress representative Dan Miller, writers Julian Dibbell and Professor Tyler Cowen.

Metanomics has presented several mixed reality events, including the SL Enterprise launch, virtual goods panel at Engage Expo, Active Worlds mixed reality event featuring Sandra Kearney (IBM) and the Emory University mixed reality panel discussion.

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