Episode Listing for ISTE Eduverse Talks
Go to Computing In The Clouds: Using Web-Based Applications To Trim Your Budget

Episode 17 Broadcast 9 February 2010

Learn how the Mankato Public Schools have saved money and improved reliability of IT services by moving to online-based applications with your host Peggy Sheehy and guest Doug Johnson

Go to Adventures In Global Education

Episode 16 Broadcast 19 January 2010

Your host Peggy Sheehy (Maggie Marat in SL) welcomes guests Hilary LaMonte and Robert H Reed to learn about the HP Global Summit and other Hewlett Packard supported education programs

Go to Podcasting and DIY Media For Students

Episode 15 Broadcast 8 December 2009

Associate Professor, New Jersey City University, and ISTE Author Christopher Shamburg (Webster Mumblewoodin SL) joins host Peggy Sheehy (Maggie Marat in SL) to discuss his experiences working with students creating their own podcasts.

Go to Accelerating High-Yielding Practices

Episode 13 Broadcast 10 November 2009

Peggy Sheehy talks with education consultant Bernajean Porter and they turn up the HEAT on getting better value out of technology tools. " All Technology Users are NOT Created Equal: Accelerating High-Yielding Practices Education Consultant "

Go to The Virtual Worlds Story Project

Episode 12 Broadcast 27 October 2009

Peggy Sheehy spends some time with co-founders of the Virtual Worlds Story Project, Marty Keltz and Jena Ball as they tell a story of their own about how the project inspires writing.

Go to Tips From HP’s Technology for Teaching Initiative

Episode 11 Broadcast 13 October 2009

Jim Vanides, Program Manager, HP Global Social Investments, joins Peggy Sheehy to discuss tips on how to best apply for grants, including funding from the HP Technology for Teaching Initiative.

Go to Teaching 21st Century Learning Habits & Attitudes

Episode 10 Broadcast 29 September 2009

Host Peggy Sheehy (Maggie Marat in SL) welcomes guest Angela Maiers (Annie Viertz in SL), Educational Consultant, Writer & Speaker
 as they explain why we should all act like 4-year olds.

Go to Preparing Students For A Globally Interconnected World

Episode 9 Broadcast 25 August 2009

Special guest host, Peggy Sheehy, interviews Erin Reilly, Research Director Project New Media Literacies, MIT, about preparing students for a globally interconnected world. " Preparing Students For A Globally Interconnected World " An ISTE Eduverse Talk - 25 August 2009