Episode Listing for Happy Hunting
Go to Joy to the Turkey!

Episode 122 Broadcast 20 November 2015

It's one of those rare times of year when we make a special effort to connect with our loved ones as the beautiful fall weather encourages us to think about the holiday season. Cinders is right on cue with images and gifts that shout Joy to the Turkey!

Go to Nothin' but Love for The Free Dove

Episode 121 Broadcast 13 November 2015

It may be Friday the 13th, but there's no bad hunting luck here. Everything is either useful, cool or both. This week The Free Dove is highlighted with three mini-hunts. Nothin' but Love for the Dove :)) To close we see a bit more of the Firestorm Hunt. Can't beat it!

Go to Hauntings of Halloween Past

Episode 120 Broadcast 6 November 2015

Ahh the holidays. Cinders is sneaking up on them in fine form, as always! In this show, she allows the last bits of Halloween to haunt us and say farewell... There are still sooo many fine, fine hunts that are eerily appealing.

Go to Tomorrow's Halloween!

Episode 119 Broadcast 30 October 2015

And not only that, some of the hunt gifts this week took me straight back to my childhood! Hopefully only a few of you will resonate with that & guess my non-existent age :P Happy Hunting! Watch out for those goblins!

Go to Tombstones & Ghosts & Stumps OH MY!

Episode 118 Broadcast 23 October 2015

I was so scared. There's a ghostly witch that blindsides you with these weird sound effects. Even the clothes gave me pause. But! The Tombstones brought the comic relief I desperately needed to finish the show. Don't watch this episode if your faint of heart....

Go to Getting Halloweenie Up in Here

Episode 117 Broadcast 16 October 2015

Cinders seems so sweet and mild mannered, but this week she brought us a giant mutated ick fungus or something! The she laughs and recommends a giant black stalagtite! Everything else was really pretty though :)

Go to Settling Into Fall

Episode 116 Broadcast 9 October 2015

You know Fall's here when Halloween is right around the corner. Well, it is! And we've got the hunts to prove it! As always, anything even remotely fanciful becomes truly unique in Second Life. Add the astounding cost of zero and you'll agree - hunting can't be beat!

Go to This Week a Doctorate!

Episode 115 Broadcast 2 October 2015

Yes the virtual world not only provides us with great things to do like treasure hunting, you can also use it as part of your doctoral thesis!! Best of luck to the creator of The Quest, featured this week! Also enjoy the Enmeshed into Fall Hunt & the Marketplace Hunt - truly unique!