Episode Listing for Happy Hunting
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Episode 129 Broadcast 12 February 2016

It's that time of year again - Love is in the air... you want to look good, especially for your heart's desire! These hunts will get you right where you want to be, so don't miss this show!

Go to The 2015 Hunties Awards Show!

Broadcast 15 January 2016

The fabulous Hunties Award Show is here again! Enjoy learning who was nominated and who the ultimate 2015 favorites are as voted by You the avid Hunters in Second Life!

Go to Eating Rice New Year's Day Brings Abundance!

Episode 127 Broadcast 1 January 2016

The ancient custom of eating rice on the first day of the new year has been handed down through families since... forever!. We at Happy Hunting want to wish you all good fortune and abundance in all things joyful! Happy New Year everybody!

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Episode 126 Broadcast 26 December 2015

I'll take a good looking reindeer anytime of the year. I'll also be very happy to have for almost free, this weeks pinky/mauve coat and/or the perfect white with read accents renaissance style dress. Last but not least, The Futuristic Hunt has some really neat items that will also be fun in 2016 and beyond!

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Episode 125 Broadcast 18 December 2015

"Christmas is in the air" is an old cliche, but it's so true! Sparkly lights, .. gingerbread men & cocoa... all those decorations that come down from the attic.. and the Peace on Earth 8 Hunt! Good will towards men makes us want to dress up and decorate a lot! Treasure hunting really pays off, once again :)) We'll thank those wonderful creators who give us this bounty at The Hunties Award Show! Make sure you vote! Midnight 12/31 is the deadline!

Go to Joy to the Turkey!

Episode 122 Broadcast 20 November 2015

It's one of those rare times of year when we make a special effort to connect with our loved ones as the beautiful fall weather encourages us to think about the holiday season. Cinders is right on cue with images and gifts that shout Joy to the Turkey!

Go to Nothin' but Love for The Free Dove

Episode 121 Broadcast 13 November 2015

It may be Friday the 13th, but there's no bad hunting luck here. Everything is either useful, cool or both. This week The Free Dove is highlighted with three mini-hunts. Nothin' but Love for the Dove :)) To close we see a bit more of the Firestorm Hunt. Can't beat it!

Go to Hauntings of Halloween Past

Episode 120 Broadcast 6 November 2015

Ahh the holidays. Cinders is sneaking up on them in fine form, as always! In this show, she allows the last bits of Halloween to haunt us and say farewell... There are still sooo many fine, fine hunts that are eerily appealing.