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Episode 104 Broadcast 5 June 2015

Those gentle summer breezes have clearly gotten to Cinders this week :) She found a beautiful, of all things, bird hunt, some wonderful summer furniture, and sunglasses ! These and all these hunts' gifts will definitely remind you of one of our favorite seasons.

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Episode 103 Broadcast 29 May 2015

Cinders starts us off this week with items that are nice and masculine - clothes, a stable, and a smoking ensemble! We next move on to some summery home items and then we close with a peek at upcoming June hunts. Summer is soooo nearby! At the very end of this episode, you'll find a farewell to a dear friend....

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Episode 101 Broadcast 15 May 2015

Gifts this week are all so perfectly perfect. I didn't like the change mesh brought us at first, but lately even I have to admit - these things are really, really awesome! Please enjoy this week's show. Oh and btw - the top of the vanity opens up to reveal a mirror! You'll see when you get that gift!

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Episode 100 Broadcast 8 May 2015

On this special occasion, we at Happy Hunting would like to thank all you wonderful hunters and creators out there who've made this show possible and sustained us through 100 episodes!

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Episode 99 Broadcast 1 May 2015

Something about this week's show made me realize that summer's approaching! I can't figure out if it was the camping segment, Fantasy Faire, the Vintage hunt or the segment on Cinqo de Mayo... let me know if you have the same reaction!

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Episode 98 Broadcast 24 April 2015

Remember – the hunt is an epic game, a story, not your average hunt! If you love hunting, you will adore this!

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Episode 97 Broadcast 17 April 2015

Join host Cinders Vale and welcome guest Aisling Sinclair to show us the epic hunt lined up for this year's Fantasy Fair.

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Episode 96 Broadcast 10 April 2015

Cinders says "Sometimes simple things are the best things." Join the fun and learn about the Autism Awareness Month Hunt, and the Dirty Hoe Hunt 3.