Episode Listing for Happy Hunting
Go to Tombstones & Ghosts & Stumps OH MY!

Episode 118 Broadcast 23 October 2015

I was so scared. There's a ghostly witch that blindsides you with these weird sound effects. Even the clothes gave me pause. But! The Tombstones brought the comic relief I desperately needed to finish the show. Don't watch this episode if your faint of heart....

Go to Getting Halloweenie Up in Here

Episode 117 Broadcast 16 October 2015

Cinders seems so sweet and mild mannered, but this week she brought us a giant mutated ick fungus or something! The she laughs and recommends a giant black stalagtite! Everything else was really pretty though :)

Go to Settling Into Fall

Episode 116 Broadcast 9 October 2015

You know Fall's here when Halloween is right around the corner. Well, it is! And we've got the hunts to prove it! As always, anything even remotely fanciful becomes truly unique in Second Life. Add the astounding cost of zero and you'll agree - hunting can't be beat!

Go to This Week a Doctorate!

Episode 115 Broadcast 2 October 2015

Yes the virtual world not only provides us with great things to do like treasure hunting, you can also use it as part of your doctoral thesis!! Best of luck to the creator of The Quest, featured this week! Also enjoy the Enmeshed into Fall Hunt & the Marketplace Hunt - truly unique!

Go to Fast Approaching

Episode 114 Broadcast 25 September 2015

It seems as though someone flicked the switch. Where did summer go?! Halloween, Thanksgiving... all the holidays are fast approaching all of a sudden! At least we have Cinders though, who will gently ease us through. Enjoy our first transitional show :)

Go to We're Baaaack at Free Dove!

Episode 113 Broadcast 18 September 2015

After a lovely summer break, Happy Hunting has returned with a new Happy Hunting Headquarters at Broken Creek and three really good, useful hunts at one of the longest running establishments in Second Life, The Free Dove. Everything we show tonight is beautiful and beautifully functional. Scoot on over to The Free Dove!

Go to What Could Be More Clever Than Summer Vacation?!

Episode 112 Broadcast 31 July 2015

Cinders takes the second season.. or is it the fifth? What season is this? This is why we're taking a vacation! Cinders didn't want anyone not to have a hunt to go on, so she left some nifty music under a nifty series of upcoming hunt posters this week, and there are some stuffed little things that you just want to pinch... see ya soon :)

Go to Burlesque? Here? You're kidding!

Episode 111 Broadcast 24 July 2015

Yes, you heard right! We have a burlesque stage for regular sized avatars! It's preloaded with dances or you can use it to stage your own private shows! There are also some terrific hats, something special for petites, and the usual bunch of other beautiful, useful, verrrry inexpensive stuff! Tune in!