Episode Listing for Happy Hunting
Go to We Love Valentines Day

Episode 84 Broadcast 13 February 2015

Love to love the day of love with great hunt finds on the grid

Go to Valentines Day Already

Episode 83 Broadcast 6 February 2015

Get ready for the special day of hearts & flowers for your love

Go to The Hunties 2014

Episode 82 Broadcast 23 January 2015

The glamor. The red carpet. The stars. Join in this fun awards show for the best hunts on the grid.

Go to Elegant Simplicity

Episode 81 Broadcast 16 January 2015

The hunts brought to us by Cinders are pared down to the simplest, yet most useful items. Must see!

Go to More Holiday Hunts and Gifts

Episode 80 Broadcast 19 December 2014

Little gifts and more from Peace on Earth hunts in the lead-up to the holidays

Go to Merry X-Mas

Episode 79 Broadcast 12 December 2014

Lots of holiday items to be hunted

Go to Holiday Happiness

Episode 78 Broadcast 5 December 2014

December is here and gearing up for the holiday season with new hunts and great finds.

Go to Peace on Earth 2014

Episode 77 Broadcast 28 November 2014

Learn all about this season's Peace On Earth grid-wide hunt starting December 1st