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Go to Hunts & Armchairs!

Remember that favorite armchair you used to love when you were little? Something about the chairs in this week's show reminded me of some very happy summers. Go figure! There are several items that speak of summer evenings this week. And don't forget! The SL12Big Hunt has one more week at SL12B, AND we have a Nano-Hunt for you! Wow - busy week! Let's all take a break, go hunting, and enjoy!

Episode 107 Broadcast 26 June 2015

Go to BigHunt Nirvana at SL12B Community Celebration!

Episode 106 Broadcast 19 June 2015

Hunts are in the air... everyone who hunts knows that they often are.. but guess what! There's a new Big Hunt all over the indescribably delicious SL12B sims, no lie. SL12B's main party week runs until the 28th, then the sims stay open until the 4th just for sightseeing, but the SL12Big Hunt runs all the way through until July 4th, which is a good thing because there are about 100 participants AND lots of people have their own, for want of a better word, nano-type hunts! Our great show this week includes an interview with Rosamoo Mendelsohn, organizer of the SL12Big Hunt. It was a completely impromptu, unrehearsed interview just for you, the hunt fans in the sl universe:)) Enjoy!

Go to Athens?

Episode 105 Broadcast 12 June 2015

With the gorgeous, giant, mesh arches this week, you'll be able to recreate Rome! Especially if you picked up the undersea set a few weeks ago! I'd use them all for either a set or as a parcel theme! Anyway - three are some nice clogs too this week, as well as a lovely music hunt! Enjoy!

Go to Wafting Into Summer

Episode 104 Broadcast 5 June 2015

Those gentle summer breezes have clearly gotten to Cinders this week :) She found a beautiful, of all things, bird hunt, some wonderful summer furniture, and sunglasses ! These and all these hunts' gifts will definitely remind you of one of our favorite seasons.

Go to A Good Hunt for the Guys!

Episode 103 Broadcast 29 May 2015

Cinders starts us off this week with items that are nice and masculine - clothes, a stable, and a smoking ensemble! We next move on to some summery home items and then we close with a peek at upcoming June hunts. Summer is soooo nearby! At the very end of this episode, you'll find a farewell to a dear friend....

Go to Wonderful Wonderful Mesh

Episode 101 Broadcast 15 May 2015

Gifts this week are all so perfectly perfect. I didn't like the change mesh brought us at first, but lately even I have to admit - these things are really, really awesome! Please enjoy this week's show. Oh and btw - the top of the vanity opens up to reveal a mirror! You'll see when you get that gift!

Go to Happy Hunting Episode ONE HUNDRED YaY!

Episode 100 Broadcast 8 May 2015

On this special occasion, we at Happy Hunting would like to thank all you wonderful hunters and creators out there who've made this show possible and sustained us through 100 episodes!

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The Hunties are here!The Hunties are here!

The Hunties Awards for the hunters’ favorite hunt merchants and their favorite hunts will be presented on Friday, 10th January at 3pm SLT in the Happy Hunting studio. Be sure to get there early in case the sim closes.

The show will also be live streamed via AviewTV.

If you can’t be here at all, be sure to check our web site for a link to Treet.TV and AviewTV for a tape of the show after Friday, as well as for a list of the winners.

Read down for a full list of nominees.

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Join the Happy Hunting staff today, Friday November 22 at 3SLT for the live broadcast of the latest episode. Here is your limo to the STUDIO.

Happy HuntingHappy Hunting

Happy Hunting ushers in the holiday season by interviewing Sequoia Nightfire discussing the Peace On Earth 6 Hunt. She talks about the theme of the hunt, which is giving back to the SL community.

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Join the Happy Hunting staff for a live broadcast of the latest episode of our show today, Friday Nov 8 at 3pm SLT, in the treetv studio.

Rosamoo and Cinders discuss hunt giftsRosamoo and Cinders discuss hunt gifts

Rosamoo Mendelsohn, intrepid Hunt Reporter, shares an overflowing set of gifts with Host Cinders Vale.

Cinders interviews the Warm Socks Hunt organizersCinders interviews the Warm Socks Hunt organizers

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It's our 2nd annual Halloween show. Join us in the studio at 3pm SLT for the live broadcast for details of all the amazing Halloween Hunts - plus a chance to discover who has won Mad Pea's latest contest!

If you miss it check back later for a link to the Happy Hunting page at Treet TV.

Halloween with Happy Hunting!Halloween with Happy Hunting!

In an extensive Hunt Report, Rosamoo Mendelsohn focuses on store and sim hunts.

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This week Rosamoo Mendelsohn has 2 mini Hunt Reports. Each one is about 5 minutes.

Rosamoo presents her mini hunt news!Rosamoo presents her mini hunt news!

Join the Happy Hunting crew on Friday, October 11 for a viewing in the treetv studio at 3pm SLT. If you can't make it then, be sure to check the links below.

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Join us in the studio for the live broadcast of this week's edition of Happy Hunting today - Friday September 27 - at 3pm SLT.

Rosamoo and Cinders discuss the latest hunts!Rosamoo and Cinders discuss the latest hunts!

Lots of things to see on Rosamoo Mendelsohn's Hunt Report, then Host CinderVale visits the Old Europe Village and chats with Up4Daws about their latest festival and the Acorn Hunt.

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The HuntiesThe Hunties
Join us in the studios in Garden of Dreams at 3pm, Friday the 13th, with our host Cinders Vale and hunt reporter Rosamoo Mendelsohn of Hunt SL for another great show!

Xia Nishi brings us news of The Hunties and more about what's new at HUNT SL.

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The latest episode of Happy Hunting! is launching on today at 3pm, Friday 30th August, with our host Cinders Vale and hunt reporter Rosamoo Mendelsohn of Hunt SL giving you another great show!

From the Medieval Fantasy HuntFrom the Medieval Fantasy Hunt

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It's a brand new episode of your favorite hunt program on treetv. Join the staff at the Designing World Studio today at 3pm SLT for the live broadcast or check in at for a link to see the show anytime.

Saffia encounters the picnic ants!Saffia encounters the picnic ants!

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We're back from our summer break with a great show to kick off the new season - and you can join us in the studios in Garden of Dreams at 3pm, Friday 2nd August.
Cinders and RosaCinders and Rosa
Rosamoo gives us a look at several of the summer hunts with tons of great gifts!

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