Fabulous Fashion With Angie Mornington is No Longer in Production.

Fabulous Fashion was created, owned and produced by Paisley Beebe's Perfect World Productions, and is still jointly owned by Paisley Beebe and Treet.tv

Angie Mornington was the Producer/Host

All enquiry's please contact the copyright owners, Paisley Beebe or Treet.tv

Each week on Fabulous Fashion, top designers are interviewed one on one with Angie to talk about their career as a Second Life fashion designer. Viewers get to see new releases and special previews from their favorite designers, and every week there is a new Guest Stylist on the show to bring you a collection of the hottest accessories that are currently out.

Production team credits:
Executive Producer: Paisley Beebe
Host: Angie Mornington
Producer: Angie Mornington
Director: AutumnFoxx Sutherland/Bliss Windlow
Studio Manager: SuperDave Spearmann