The Virtual World Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) conference originated from the 2007 Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference. This grassroots, community-based conference attracts faculty, instructors, trainers, administrators, instructional designers, technical specialists, and members of organizations from around the world. Those who create teaching/learning environments, resources, tools, support services and professional development opportunities internal and external to virtual world environments participate.

During the conference, participants have opportunities to ask: What is education?, What is teaching?, What is learning? and How can we provide virtual world educational environments in which today’s learners can become all they can be.

The VWBPE Conference provides opportunities for virtual world communities to showcase projects, courses, events and research that lead to best practices in education. The end result of collaborating, sharing, and co-construction of knowledge during the conference is the creation of innovative and immersive environments in which virtual world residents can learn, work, and play.

Treet.TV has been the broadcast partner for the BPE conferences in 2007 and 2009. Speakers featured during the broadcast include Tom Boellstorff, Intellagirl Tully, Lori Bell and many more.

VWBPE Committee Organizers
- Marlene Brooks (SL: Zana Kohime),
- Kevin Feenan (SL: Phelan Corrimal), and
- Marty Keltz (SL: Marty Snowpaw)

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