Wiz Nordberg
I'm the guy everybody can blame for this. :-)

I am the technical director (and even CEO) of Treet.TV.

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Everybody knows Beyers Sellers is a fantastic interviewr with a crisp perspective on Virtual Worlds. But, did you know he can belt out a tune? Enjoy Beyers and the Reztones, Saturday at 4:45PM, right here on the Treet.TV website live page.

The band:

  • Beyers Sellers, Vocals
  • Doug Robinson, guitar
  • Jesse Bennett, sax
  • Harry Aceto, upright bas
  • Al Hartlant, drums

If you don't know already, Saturday is the day of the MaMachinima International Festival. If you love Machinima, it's the place to see the best there is to see, and meet many of the people who make it happen. Visit The official MMIF site for information and schedules. It's an event not to be missed!

I don't know where Pooky and Hydra come up with questions for the show, but they seem to have a limitless supply. But wait!! No they don't! Pooky put a "call for questions" in the forum. Now is your chance to control the outcome! You control the vertical.... you control the horizontal! Give her some question ideas. How about some guest questions for her show.

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