Main Stage at SL8B: Image by Judith Le FevreMain Stage at SL8B: Image by Judith Le Fevre

Join Designing Worlds today at 2pm SLT as we join in the celebrations for Second Life's Eighth Birthday! We'll be broadcasting from the Main Auditorium, and we'd like you to join us there for the show which this week will be an overview of what you can expect to see at SL8B. Elrik will be talking to Honour MacMillan, who is leading the 112 strong team of volunteer greeters at the event, while Saffia will be exploring how to get around and see as much as possible.

Travelling by pod at SL8B: Image by Wildstar BeaumontTravelling by pod at SL8B: Image by Wildstar Beaumont

And we haves some super images to whet your appetite to for the events so don't miss it!

Or – if you can’t attend in person – tune in at 2pm SLT on Monday for the live show – where you can now chat with other audience members and even some of the participants during the show – or catch it later in the week on our shows page on the web site.

Birthday Cake Stage at SL8B: Image by Wildstar BeaumontBirthday Cake Stage at SL8B: Image by Wildstar Beaumont

In addition, Prim Perfect Publications (the company who produces Desigining Worlds in association with will be hosting a series of special talks, discussions and TV programmes with and about some of the people making magic in Second Life.

Our programme today, as well as the Designing Worlds show, is as follows:

SL8B Live: Meet the Artist!SL8B Live: Meet the Artist!

At 4pm SLT, Rowan Derryth will have an otterly wonderful encounter with Scottius Polke, whose darkly whimsical paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations delight us all. The virtual identity of the artist Scott Rolfe, Polke’s work explores the ‘relationships between disparate ideas such as order vs. anarchy, innocence vs. corruption, nature vs. the machine... However, he places little moral judgment upon either side of these oppossing forces in the work. Rather, the art explores the dynamic that arises when these unlike forces are combined.’ Having explored his work in-depth in her article Ekphrasis: Scottius Polke, today Rowan will discuss immersive art with him, and the unique properties Second Life offers to virtual artists that cannot be achieved in the physical world.

SL8B: Creators of Community: BreedablesSL8B: Creators of Community: Breedables

And for our final event of the day, at 6pm SLT, we will be hosting the first of a series of discussions about Creating a Community in Second Life. Tonight the communities that we are looking at will be Breedables, and we have representatives from the world of KittyCatS! and Meeroos, who will be discussing how the communities have grown, and the ways in which they are sustained. And there will be a chance to put your questions to the creators too! Plus there will be the opportunity to meet the gorgeous creatures themselves… and to learn about a very special Birthday gift.

Prim Perfect is supporting a very full programme of special talks, discussions and TV programmes at the Main Auditorium over the week of the SL8B celebrations. You can see the full line-up here:

Prim Perfect SL8B Full Schedule: Image created by PJ TrentonPrim Perfect SL8B Full Schedule: Image created by PJ Trenton

You can read about our exciting program daily on the Prim Perfect blog, or in the Daily Events at the SL8B blog - where you'll also see details of live music, fabilous DJs and other discussions and events too.

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