Last week we held the very first session of Virtual Worlds Keynote with guest speaker Jonena Relth, President of TBD Consulting. Her topic was "Why We Sold Our Real Building and Went Totally Virtual" and proved to be a valuable resource for anyone who has ever considered taking a team online. I loved how grounded in real-world concerns her approach was, and the story that she tells about the discovery of this new tool is meaningful for a wide variety of professionals.

This video now begins its life as a tool that you can use when proposing a solution for cutting travel budgets, team building exercises, or cost effective training.

If you’re able to get a half-hour cleared at 2pm SLT today, do join us in Second Life (SLurl) for the next session which promises to be just as valuable. Hélène Zuili, CEO of MakeMyWorlds will give a case study entitled "Real World Expos in Virtual Spaces". If you’ve ever wondered about a true marriage of real and virtual trade shows, this is the session for you.

If you think you might have questions do make sure you’re there for the live session; the Q&A portion is not recorded! This is to keep each episode short and to the point for maximum usefulness in business environments. As usual, if you have questions for a speaker you might have missed, you can also email me at info [at] calebbooker [dot] com.

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