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There's some really exciting plans for the Treet Business website. We've got a couple of new shows in development as well as the Best Practices in Education conference coming up in late March.

The first new show to launch is a series called Open for Business, presented by Treet and Beta Technologies. Hosted by former journalist, Gayle Cabaret, the series will provide insights into how companies are using Second Life for business, as well as useful tips for new users of the platform.

The second show is being developed in partnership with Caleb Booker, one of the early team members on Metanomics, as well as event producer for Clever Zebra.

These shows, alongside favorites Metanomics and ISTE Eduverse Talks, will make the new business website a great place for people looking to understand the opportunities of business in virtual worlds.

I'm really loving using the Treet wiki ( It makes the idea of having documents hidden away in some folder on a shared server completely archaic. With a wiki, it's alive. Others can add to and change. It's a constantly dynamic resource that is available to everyone and I use it daily.

After hearing the first reports of how people are using Wave, I'm getting excited about how that can be used to produce shows on Treet as well as other activities we do.

A collaborative tool that works in real time and can track back to all changes throughout the process sounds very neat.

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A good article on using Wave

I've been trying to figure out the best use for Wave, as well. This is one of the best pieces I've seen on the subject from They're doing a good job of making sense of Wave.

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Having checked out Wave.... I

Having checked out Wave.... I think I need for more features to be added to find it really useful. You can't actually create a document using the wave.. and that's often how I like to collaborate. Just having a live chat environment, that tracks all interaction, is not not good enough for me.

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