Texas Timtam

All around Treet staffer. Texas mostly works on cameras, and show post production.

Just happens to also be one of the founders of this crazy Virtual Television network.

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Everyone knows the Phoenix 3rd-party development team makes the most popular viewer for Second Life. We are so happy to welcome the Phoenix Firestorm Hour (formerly known as Office Hours!) to Treet TV. Special thanks to Jessica Lyon from the Phoenix team, Phaylen Fairchild, Howdy Colter and the full production crew for all their hard work and patience.

Keep informed with all the latest from your favorite viewer team.

Treet TV welcomes Twstd Heart Productions and The Stream Scene, a new show to the regular entertainment line up. Many thanks to longtime friend of Treet, Twstd Ruggles for working so hard to create and produce the show.

The Stream Scene is a music magazine show focused on the wonderful talent and many performers in Second Life playing live most every night. If you enjoy the live music scene and want to keep up with the latest acts and news be sure to check out the show. :: The Stream Scene

This week kicks off the fourth annual virtual conference being held in Second Life. Taking place over 3 days, March 17 - 19, this community-based event is a must for educators and academics interested in using virtual environments in the classroom or for remote teaching.

See http://www.vwbpe.org/ for the official website of the conference. Treet TV, along with Metaworld Broadcasting is proud to once again cover some of the key presentations and notable speakers for this year's event.

If you can not attend the conference in Second Life, you can see the live video coverage of selected sessions and participate in chat with other viewers at http://vwbpe.treet.tv/

Live N Kickin director and SL music maven Delinda Dyrssen will be away from the show for a little while to spend some time with her family. We'll keep you posted about upcoming shows, but in the meantime we send Delinda and her family all our love.

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Time Away

Hi Everyone.. yes as Texas mentioned above I will be away off and on due to family concerns for a bit however im working hard now to make sure that Live n Kickin continues even while Im away. I do plan to do 2 shows July 13 and 20 before the Treet TV SLCC break but Live n Kickin will be back on again after that and I hope to take part in as many episodes as possible.

Shakespeare continues to inspire creative storytelling and sparks the imagination no matter where the stage. One of the more interesting presentations during the 2010 Best Practices in Education conference was one given by Joff Chafer on Virtual Performance.

After explaining some of his own theater projects, he was joined by the Second Life theater troupe to demonstrate how they go about staging their version of The Tempest to live audiences. Taking on the challenges and limitations of the environment - while exploiting the benefits - the intrepid players appear to also be enjoying the creative process of bringing new 'virtual' life to the classic.

Watch the full presentation here: http://business.treet.tv/shows/bpeducation/episodes/virtual-theatre

Metanomics celebrated its 100th episode this week with a gala party in Second Life held at JenzZa Misfit's Muse Isle. The entertainment was provided by multi-talented Metanomics host Robert Bloomfield along with a local Ithica NY jazz band, affectionately called The Reztones.

The "Metanomics Thank You Blues" is a fun shout out to all the people that have made Metanomics the big hit it is today, from its start in 2007. The song is blues only in style, not in sentiment! It's been a great ride for Treet TV as well. Congratulations to Robert Bloomfield and ALL the crew, volunteers and participants - past & present - that have made Metanomics a success.


If you listen to the song, you will quickly realize that there is an entire team of folks behind the scenes pulling it together each week. This is true for every show on Treet TV. Some shows have already passed the 100 episode mark, and others are approaching the milestone - but over the years Treet has worked with hundreds of dedicated people working together to make shows that inform and entertain.

We are fortunate and proud to have the opportunity to work with all of them. Hats off to Metanomics and all the Treet TV family of shows!

PS. The Reztones are:

  • Al Hartland, Drums
  • Brian Earle, Clarinet
  • Doug Robinson, Bass
  • Chad Lieberman, Piano
  • Beyers Sellers, Vocals

The crazy dudes that have the need for speed (and broken avatar-bones) are featured in the SL website Destination Guide - top of the list for sports and games.


Congratulations to Cyphien Heart and Jesiah Carver plus all the boarders that keep pushing the boundaries of tricks and thrills. You can see what it's all about by watching the pro competitions here on Treet TV. Or give it a try yourself and stop in at the super-cyber Dream Horizon sim. Maybe you will be on the next VSN Simboarding show!

There's no surprise that every brand marketer in the world wants to grab your attention when you stroll down the supermarket aisle. Justin Bovington shows us how Rivers Run Red is mapping your experience of choosing a box of cereal into a virtual one. Watch the presentation yourself on Virtual Worlds Keynote and learn what a practical planning tool this is for their clients.


If you haven't yet, mark your calendar for March 12 and 13 2010 for the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference in Second Life. Taking place over 2 full days, there are 48 hours of presentations in multiple venues spread over 20 sims.

Treet TV will be covering a selection of sessions on both Friday and Saturday so check the website for exact times as the schedule is finalized.

Join host Caleb Booker on Monday 15 February for Virtual Worlds Keynote with Jonena Relth, President of TBD Consulting to see her presentation: Why We Sold Our Real Building and Went Totally Virtual

Jonena Relth - President - TBD Consulting, IncJonena Relth - President - TBD Consulting, Inc

In Jonena's words: "So how did I become a boomer totally convinced that our company should embrace Web 2.0 technologies and virtual worlds and then ease others in with us? Well, I'm a bottom-line kinda gal. As I look back, I can see how my awesome employees strategically and methodically eased me into the new technologies as they showed me the whys and the WIIFM (what's in it for me) for our company. I have never played a video game in the real world, but I've learned enough in Second Life to expand our company's offerings to people across the globe by using the tools at Learning Innovation Campus. If I can do it, so can you!"