Metanomics celebrated its 100th episode this week with a gala party in Second Life held at JenzZa Misfit's Muse Isle. The entertainment was provided by multi-talented Metanomics host Robert Bloomfield along with a local Ithica NY jazz band, affectionately called The Reztones.

The "Metanomics Thank You Blues" is a fun shout out to all the people that have made Metanomics the big hit it is today, from its start in 2007. The song is blues only in style, not in sentiment! It's been a great ride for Treet TV as well. Congratulations to Robert Bloomfield and ALL the crew, volunteers and participants - past & present - that have made Metanomics a success.

If you listen to the song, you will quickly realize that there is an entire team of folks behind the scenes pulling it together each week. This is true for every show on Treet TV. Some shows have already passed the 100 episode mark, and others are approaching the milestone - but over the years Treet has worked with hundreds of dedicated people working together to make shows that inform and entertain.

We are fortunate and proud to have the opportunity to work with all of them. Hats off to Metanomics and all the Treet TV family of shows!

PS. The Reztones are:

  • Al Hartland, Drums
  • Brian Earle, Clarinet
  • Doug Robinson, Bass
  • Chad Lieberman, Piano
  • Beyers Sellers, Vocals
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