RFL SL 2011 Seasons of HopeRFL SL 2011 Seasons of Hope

Treet TV, Metaworld Broadcasting and Metaverse TV are coming together for the 2011 Relay for Life of SL Telethon Coverage. The Relay For Life of Second Life Telethon takes place from July 16th - July 17th. All three networks will work together to provide extensive coverage of this year’s event. The Presenters and Hosts for the Telethon are well known personalities from all three networks.

Coverage will include the main RFL events that will take place over the weekend, as well as interviews with Relay For Life Chairs and Team members. There will also be one on one interviews with survivors, caregivers and relayers.

Viewers can watch the Telethon live at the following websites:

Relay for Life website: http://www.relayforlife.org/relay/
Treet TV: http://treet.tv/live
Metaverse TV: http://metaversetv.com/live/ (from 2pm on Saturday)
MBTV: http://mbtv.live.nu

There will also be television screens placed on all 40 sims, and the Telethon will also be broadcast on most inworld television sets.

Second Life raises hundreds of thousands of US dollars every year for Relay For Life, and is committed to the fight against cancer. Over 95 countries are participating in this years RFL of SL, and the 40 sims will feature spectacular builds by some of Second Life’s most prominent builders. This year Relay for Life of Second Life past the $1,000,000US mark for the last seven years of fundraising and this year alone has already raised over $300,000US.

Angie Mornington
Executive Producer, Treet TV
E-mail: angie@treet.tv

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