Finding Shows

If you are looking for the full listing of shows on Treet.TV use the Shows menu in the top menu bar. Following a link from the drop down list will take you to the Show page, where all episodes can be accessed.

If you know the name of the show or episode you can also use the search tool in the top menu bar.

The topic cloud in the right hand column is also a good way to find shows according to subject matter.

Watching Shows

Live shows can be seen by clicking on the Watch Now button in the top right hand corner.

You need to have Flash installed to see the videos on this site. Go to the Requirements listing at the base of this page to find out more.

To watch shows inworld visit the Access Treet page. If you are having problems viewing the shows inworld please visit the FAQ page which contains some trouble shooting tips.

Finding People

Use the search tool in the top menu bar to find people who are listed or a member of the site.


To start getting active on the website you need to Register by following the link in the top right hand of this page.

Once you have registered you can add comments, create discussions, join communities, make a blog and add photos.

Join Shows / Communities

Go into either the Show or Community and click on Join in the tool box in the right hand column.

You need to be registered and signed in at the time you request to join the group.

Your Profile / Account Settings

To personalize your Profile go to My Account. You can change your profile picture in your Account Settings.
The Tool Box in the right hand side of the My Account page has an Activities link that opens up the options to add content.

Subscribing to Shows

If you want to receive a podcast for your favorite show then go to the Feeds tab in the menu bar at the top of this page.