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Ready for some Crazy fun for a great cause? Giant Snail Racing is for you and everyone you know and all their friends too. Come on down to Hawthorne get the free Giant Snail Avatar and customize it. Add flags banners whatever you can think of. The theme this time is Spring if you make a nice spring snail we give you a ribbon if it wins. Were crossing lots and lots of sims again and this time we go right through the same sim that the famous shelter is in and that's usually packed. So that should be a fun surprise for the newbies when 30 or 40 snails try to get through the sim.Cross Country Race original Route wit a detourCross Country Race original Route wit a detour
Race Day 17th of April 2011
Race Time noon-ish SL time.
Cost 1 to 1500L
Slurl to the Start position scarfs
last months race
last months racelast months race

The Giant Snail Relay team proposes a challenge to all other relay teams

We will put up 25,000 Lindens to the winning snails choice of team kiosk
To make it even more interesting and give all other teams a fair and equal chance at this Linden prize it cannot be won by a snail that is on the Giant snail relay team or Go into the koisk of the Giant Snail relay team also cannot be won by any Giant snail that has made it to the final race of any of the regular Sunday races (or non Relay cross country races) ei Baldi McMillin, Tindalia Soothsayer, Gareth8 Albetros, and the rest of the pro Snail Racers that are regulars at the Races and have made it to a final race. Those Snails shall not be counted in this toward the win. The prize must be won by another team and not by any of the pro snails from regular snail racing!!

It will go to the Relay team snail that places after the pro snails, So it may go to the 6th or 7th place finisher should our own pro snails get 1st through 5th place. (Last Giant Snail Cross country race this prize would have gone to the "Goreans in Relay for Life" team because they had Daaneth Kivioq that came in 3rd ) You may enter as many of your team members as you like. The more the better we have room for 120 snails granted only the first 40 that show up on race day that paid for Superior will get starting spots in the first starting sim of Superior. the rest will fill in the spots in the secondary Albitibi and thirdinary sim of Huron.

Anythings possible in snail racing. If a sim crashes with the first 40 snails in it that puts the second sim full of snails in the running.
Snails that crash and there will be some crashing are out of the running for this prize but please teleport back but not to the lead and finish the race the more snails crossing the grid the more relay awareness we accomplish and everyone wins when we bring in more new people to the RFL family.

The race is the 17th of April
Sunday at noon SL time
will cross 51 sims takes about a minute per sim.
You can buy your starting positions scarf at
prices range from 1L or more starting in Huron (in the back)
500L or more to start from Abitibi (in the middle)
1,500 or more starting position Superior (in the front)
If we oversell any starting spot sim the first 40 snails to get into the starting sim on race day will be the ones that get to start there
any overflow will go to the next starting position sim.

If you hit a full sim or a crashed sim you will be allowed to try to run around it . but no teleporting past it. no flying no jumping.
so its a dangerouse alternative.

This weeks theme is Spring so mod your snail to a spring theme and well try to get you on the carousel to show it off when
treet doesn't have a camera pointed at anything good come early and listen for it when we try to film those.

Many Thanks go out to and Waelya Tenk And Safra Nitely for donating to this prize
and making it something we hope will encourage other teams to come and try and win
lets make this one the biggest Giant Snail Race ever.!!!!