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You can add images to your postings by using the "Add Image" link right below the text area you are typing in.

To use this, do the following:

    Position the cursor where you want the image in your post.

      Click on "Add Image", then either select the image from your list of past images, or upload a new one.

        When you get to the page which has the "Insert" button (shown below), then click Insert to add your image to the posting.

          The window will close an a text will be inserted which will cause the image to display when you save or preview your post. The text insert is a "command" to the system to cause the image to appear.

        Here is what the popup looks like:

        Image Insert PopupImage Insert Popup

        When you insert images, they will be automatically clickable so you can see a preview. You can also choose to show them at various images sizes:

        Here is the thumbnail size:

        Hearst CastleHearst Castle

        Here is the "medium posting" size:

        Hearst CastleHearst Castle

        Here is the "large posting" size:

        Hearst CastleHearst Castle

        If you need to change any of your images, just delete the special "img_assist" text in your post, and reinsert the image.

        All of your images can be found by going to your "Account" page and clicking on "Contributions".

picturepicture testingpicturepicture

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argh i keep receiving this message
An HTTP error 0 occurred. /filefield/ahah/photo/field_photo/0

Arrrgh, yes. That error occurs sometimes because of Javascript. We're working on fixing it but it is a hard to fix problem. If it happens, you can temporarily get the upload to work by turning off Javascript while you submit the picture, then after you are done posting you can turn Javascript back on. Yes, it's a pain, and we promise to get it fixed as soon as we can.

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cool ty wiz! that works!

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I'm trying to upload an image, but when I click on 'Add image' all I get is a completely blank page. Could it be a Windows 7 or Firefox 3.6 issue?

I think it's fixed now, Gareth8, thanks for your patience.

The problem has to do with "security between windows", and the "blank image" applied only to images in comments. It should all work fine now.

Note that:

  • Images in comments should work fine.
  • Images in postings (forum, blog, etc) should work fine.
  • You no longer have disable Javascript, as advised above.

Please keep me posted on additional problems! THANKS!

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Thanks, Wiz; problem solved :)

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I'm going to piggy back on this topic since I'm not allowed to create topics for some reason, but how do I create blogs? Racer's given me admin rights and everything (and I'm not even sure it that's something he's supposed to grant just for blog creation).

Also somehow my login name ended up being Santekless instead of Santeklees, but I don't think that matters?

Any ideas?

Sante, the problem was that your account never got verified by email. Not sure why this happens sometimes. I fixed your account so it is now verified. But, it would be a good idea to go in and check your email settings to be sure they're right. Maybe that's why the email didn't get to you when you signed up.

But, on the other hand..... Santekless? Hmmm, I have a new theory. Maybe you were drinking when you signed up!! (OK, that's a joke Sante, just a joke!)

If you want, I can change your username, just let me know by email. It shouldn't have much impact except changing your profile URL and I doubt that you have given that to anybody.

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I am not even getting anything that says add image much less anything below test I am typing to prompt me...I am using Windows 7....any hints? I am all logged in etc, but not seeing any of that.

Very peculiar about the add image.

If it doesn't appear for you, is there any way you can send me a screen grab of the "reply" box? It seems to work for most people, but maybe there is something going on specific to your browser or set up.

Here is a screen shot of what it should look like when you post or reply to a comment. The "Add image" feature is circled in red...

Add Image featureAdd Image feature