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Hey all,

I'm working on a secondlife News style show/ project and I want to see if this would be possible:

I want to screencapture or have someone else screencapture their computer using it is a 'Camera' (Without needing to put a webcam infront of a computer screen) and then 'screencasting' it in the MPEG-4 format with a link so it can be put on land media, and a screen behind me will show this video feed. Theoretically making it possible for someone else in another location in SL to broadcast a feed to my land in realtime for a Live Shot. (IE: They are on location at an event, Role Play region etc, just as news is IRL).

Then Skype would be used between us as I would talk to them and stand on the set with this screen behind me and then I would use fraps to record my screen and audio.

It seems simple to do and I remember watching SLCC live in-world in '07. I want to know if its possible for a computer to 'screencapture' but make that a live feed that's playable on land media in SL.

I looked into several services that host webcam video and then it can be broadcast to many users but this is useless since I can't get the MPEG-4/ .mov/ IP link to put on the land and it would only be viewable on a flash player on their website. Also I would be the only viewer of the stream, so 100+ viewable users at once it also useless.

I looked into a freeware program called 'Active WebCam' which allows me to use a WebCam to broadcast from my computer. Unfortunately I don't have a WebCam and I cant figure out how to trick it so screencapture software acts as the 'WebCam'. Which leads me back to the beginning. I'm not sure if this has ever been done before but I did a lot of research and couldn't find an answer.

If anyone has any insight, its greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I'm not sure how to do this affordably. The problem is that most live streaming services do not produce Quicktime stream output.

At Treet, we do live broadcasting by using separate "camera machines" and "capture machines". The camera machines run dual-headed NVidia cards with HDMI outputs, and we funnel the HDMI outputs to the separate capture machine. Capture gets done by hardware, but these days much cheaper hardware is available than what we use. For example, the BlackMagic Intensity Pro card is under $200.

But, that still doesn't do it. You need both encoding software (such as Quicktime Broadcaster) as well as a Quicktime streaming server. While there are services that provide such servers, none of them are free.

Using hardware and capture computers is a relatively expensive set-up, especially if you are just experimenting. Maybe somebody can chime in with some ideas about PC software for capture, but I don't believe there is any easy way to convert it to Quicktime streams.

I know that many people use software to do capture direct to services like LiveStream and UStream. But, that may not be what you want.

Does your show itself need to be live? In other words, maybe you could use Fraps to capture both the background (behind the speakers) as well as speaker footage (with greenscreen behind them). Then combine them in an editing package like Premier.

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i have a question..I am looking to find an original Treet tv that runs on quick player however i have had no luck. That is the only tv seems to work with my comp in world..I have adobe flash player however all the other tvs keep telling me to install it I have done this 100 times uninstall re install and nothing please help....