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Please let us know what problems and issues you're encountering with the site. We know there will be a few, and please don't hesitate to tell us what you think, and where you think we can improve.

When reporting problems, see if you can include the following:

  • The things you did which led up to the problem.
  • The URL that was in your location bar when the problem occurred.
  • Exactly what you saw on the screen.

If you'd prefer to send us email, use the contact mail or send your report to


When I click on the Discussion tab on our main page, it shows my pic and
Wiz's (we have both posted) but the rest of that pop-up screen is blank.


Ahh yes, it is all "white". Believe it or not, the text is there, it is just the wrong color and you're seeing white on white. We'll fix that sometime today. There are going to be a lot of things like that, but when you find them, let us know!

Hiya, I tried to upload a picture to the pics section and I got a "HTTP Error 0 occured".

Yep, we know about this one. It is a difficult to find bug which only occurs for some people.

The workaround (though it isn't pleasant!) is to turn off Javascript in your browser preferences while you do the upload. It works then. But, we hate to even suggest that.

I expect it will be a week or so before we get rid that problem, and apologize.

I been leaving a trail of posts I wish I could delete or at least edit. Seems if I start a thread that first post of the thread is out of my control there's no edit tab under it and the green edit button takes me to a page I don't have access too. I'm getting scared to post stuff. What am I doing wrong?

No, no, don't get scared!!!!

OK, well, you should be able to edit the first post.... the one with the Green Edit Button, as well as delete it, since you created it.

Let me look at that right now.


I fixed this, you should now be able to go back and change things using the green "Edit" button at the top of your posts.

The difference between most posts and yours is that were selecting "Extended HTML" as your input format (why? maybe just for that feeling of power!!) Anyway, that really was OK, you can use any input format. But, I wasn't allowing you to edit the post for that reason. You can now, I fixed it.

OK now I can edit it at least. Now that I've fixed the original posting I can loose the reply where I added the correction before I could edit the original. argh. That make sense? Anyway for some reason I can't delete the follow up reply but I did edit it down to a :).

Yes, of course you are right. Another access denied! OK, well we're halfway there. Now I can figure out the other problem. Thanks for your professional beta testing work, RacerX. :-)

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Since I cant post a topic this seems like the next likely place to get aid.
I was trying to change my old profile pic and saw where it says to click the 'Activities' button on the right.......well, every time I do it takes me to the Treet home page it looks like. I dont think I can change my pic there hahahaah!! (help, hate that old pic)

Candi, Once you log in to the site, go to the "My Account" link (very top of the page). That should take you to your Profile page. You should see a button under the main menu bar called "Change Account Settings"

That is where you change your profile picture.

Hope this helps.