Windows 7 64-bit and Quicktime

If you are using Windows 7 64-bit operating system, please see this important information.

Treet Streams under Windows 7 64-bit and Quicktime


Besides watching shows here on the Treet TV website, you can also watch inworld. The following information offers you a variety of ways to start watching with all your friends.

To get a free TV in Second Life visit the Welcome Center at Tropical Treet (157, 238, 30)
Several television vendors have integrated our shows into their screens. Please visit their stores and sims to get your screen and immediately start playing shows.


If you have a screen already and just want to add a single media URL for our shows then use:


This stream plays our live shows as well as cycling repeats of the most recently recorded shows. The live production days are throughout the week.

In addition we have created a selection of channels so you can choose to just play special interest programming.

IM Texas Timtam if you have any questions or issues with getting shows.