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  • Controllers   7 years 42 weeks ago

    I'm a happy non-pro user. I love this little thing. Crap, you really made a difference in how I experience SL when this little thing was delivered.

    The pro one may be great though does anyone know what those extra buttons DO? Do they allow you to keep focus on another object rather than jumping back to your avatar? that's the only area where some improvement would be nice. I'd like to follow a car and pan around it with the space navigator without jumping back to my avatar.

  • Set top box distribution options - how about Roku   7 years 42 weeks ago

    Boxee and Roku are certainly appearing to be the dominant two, though we may also look in to some of the other systems to see if apps we make for those would easily cross over.

    Windows Media Center (They are starting to pick up on internet TV)

    If we're going to cross over and go big a clear way to wedge ourselves in to living rooms is by being one of the first networks to make apps on the new set-top box OS platforms. Right now there are a handfull of Boxee apps and within the next year there will be hundreds if not thousands. Being one of the first is like being one of the first YouTube personalities or Twitter users.

  • Embedding on Blogspot   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Rosco, we temporary took the view counts out. We are having a big internal discussion with our producers right now about whether actual counts are needed, or just "a list of links" so we took out the counts until we figure that one out! The links should still be there, and we keep track of the most recent ones and put them at the top.

  • Community   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Oops, sorry I left you hanging a bit there!

    Just in case anybody else is curious, somebody (like Texas) needs to make you an administrator for your group. I think she has gone through and done this to many people already, but if she missed you just send her an email, she'll fix ya up.

  • Set top box distribution options - how about Roku   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Starr - MediaFly is the way into Roku. The link I sent you the other day will get you there.

  • I was a huge fan of Colin Quinn's "Tough Crowd"   7 years 43 weeks ago

    I think I know what you mean. We used to have a great, great show here in Australia called "The Panel". Four very talented and funny regulars would banter with guests about "whatever they wanted to". Sometimes serious and often hilarious, it was as likely to degenerate into silliness as to escalate into serious debate.

    You know, Crap, the podcast you and Stuart did was pretty close to that too. I loved being on your podcast and it had a great feel, similar to the shows above.

  • Editing The Tabs   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Angie, to the right in the group management box (just to the right of the masthead), you will see an entry which says "Special Pages". That is where you can edit the about information.

    And, the "Comments Disabled" applies to the group home page itself, not the forums. It's disabled since we don't want people to comment on the group home page itself. So, it would be best to just leave that the way it is.

  • Embedding on Blogspot   7 years 43 weeks ago

    "Then check the show page on this site (after a little while) and you will see a view count and a link to your website."
    That would be really useful, but as yet I don't see any view counts or links on The 1st Question show page.

    I am embedding the player at


  • Ballocki Champions League show   7 years 43 weeks ago

    haha i was there to play this game was funny! arg that last sphere red maked us lost the game! :) i will back Dude!

  • Ballocki Champions League show   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Thanks Starr! Hopefully soon I will have some of our Ballocki Champions League matches videotaped and put up on the web for you and others to see it. Should be fun, so that the players who played in the match can watch the replay of it and enjoy seeing how they looked while playing, and also so that others can view the videos to see what our game is all about and how exciting it is to play and watch. There is quite a bit of action going on in a game of Ballocki... it's colorful with lots to see, lots of intensity, and especially when the score is close, there is a good bit of honest suspense to it for those watching as well as those playing in the match.

    I will definitely keep you and Delinda posted on how the video side of it is coming. You guys have a great website here, and I have seen a variety of your shows and sports games broadcasts which are usually very interesting to watch. You guys are great ambassadors for SL.

    Well, the Dude abides.... (haha, it was fun to write that too!)

    Dude Gilruth

  • Community   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Nevermind Wiz Im in..TY

  • Community   7 years 43 weeks ago


  • From Wikis to Waves   7 years 43 weeks ago

    I've been trying to figure out the best use for Wave, as well. This is one of the best pieces I've seen on the subject from They're doing a good job of making sense of Wave.

  • Controllers   7 years 43 weeks ago

    I dunno, but I'm on my second one.

    The first got ruined by spilling diet coke in it.


  • Ballocki Champions League show   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Hey Dude (wow, that was fun to write!)
    Thanks for becoming a member and posting info about your game. It looks like a lot of fun. I would love to see a video production done of the game to see where the suspense and excitement is for the audience.
    It's a great idea to post a notice looking for a videographer (as you've done on the forum).
    Keep us posted on how it progresses.

  • Community   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Nope.. Im not getting that feature yet on the activities. No membership list yet.

  • Controllers   7 years 43 weeks ago

    One thing I should add. I bet we have put 3000 hours in on some of our SpaceNavs. Easy. They work like the day we bought them, and we got them before there were even any drivers, so I think we've been using them for over 2 years now. Non stop! What an amazing little product.

    I wonder what that little twisty-rubbery thing is inside that holds up so well for such a long time!

  • Community   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Right now, this information is not public. However, if you are a group administrator, then you can see this list by clicking on "Membership List" in the group activities panel (far right, near the top).

    If you aren't a group administrator, you probably should be, Delinda, so ask.

  • Controllers   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Had a look at the SpacePilot Pro and SpaceExplorer, but all those wacky buttons scared me. Even though I bet they are easier on my aging wrist. But still pretty happy with the good ol' blue-light special - plus it's a smaller footprint on the desk.

  • How do you show pictures in the forum   7 years 43 weeks ago

    It is possible to add pictures, but I want to try a few things before I give you the actual suggested way. I promise I will update this post sometime today with some details.

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Yep, we know about this one. It is a difficult to find bug which only occurs for some people.

    The workaround (though it isn't pleasant!) is to turn off Javascript in your browser preferences while you do the upload. It works then. But, we hate to even suggest that.

    I expect it will be a week or so before we get rid that problem, and apologize.

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Hiya, I tried to upload a picture to the pics section and I got a "HTTP Error 0 occured".

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 43 weeks ago

    Ahh yes, it is all "white". Believe it or not, the text is there, it is just the wrong color and you're seeing white on white. We'll fix that sometime today. There are going to be a lot of things like that, but when you find them, let us know!

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 44 weeks ago

    When I click on the Discussion tab on our main page, it shows my pic and
    Wiz's (we have both posted) but the rest of that pop-up screen is blank.


  • Lymphoma Discussion presented by Roche Australia   7 years 44 weeks ago

    I just heard that Michael C Hall (of Dexter and Six Feet Under fame) is being treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma. This presentation explains more about what that is.