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  • New Feature: Creating Clips   7 years 39 weeks ago

    You are a great Beta tester, Wae. :-)

    I removed the link from the right side so there now is only "All Episodes". You can still click on the "All Clips" link at the bottom of the "Favorite Clips" tab to get to all the clips.

    This is what I meant to do the first time. Since all shows have Episodes, but not all shows have Clips, I didn't want to have the "All Clips" link visible on the right at all, since for many shows it would be completely empty.

  • New Feature: Creating Clips   7 years 39 weeks ago

    nice! i can see now All Episodes in the right side.. but 2 times! All Episodes and All Clips maybe? instead of 2 times All Episodes? the link is correct just need change the text.

  • New Feature: Creating Clips   7 years 39 weeks ago

    seems like nice nice about clips now. just maybe i not sure if good showing too the button "all clips" in the right menu with all anothers options. The same link you have down put too in the right side with the rest of options.

  • 'Screencasting' Live Video of Screen, back to SL.   7 years 39 weeks ago

    I'm not sure how to do this affordably. The problem is that most live streaming services do not produce Quicktime stream output.

    At Treet, we do live broadcasting by using separate "camera machines" and "capture machines". The camera machines run dual-headed NVidia cards with HDMI outputs, and we funnel the HDMI outputs to the separate capture machine. Capture gets done by hardware, but these days much cheaper hardware is available than what we use. For example, the BlackMagic Intensity Pro card is under $200.

    But, that still doesn't do it. You need both encoding software (such as Quicktime Broadcaster) as well as a Quicktime streaming server. While there are services that provide such servers, none of them are free.

    Using hardware and capture computers is a relatively expensive set-up, especially if you are just experimenting. Maybe somebody can chime in with some ideas about PC software for capture, but I don't believe there is any easy way to convert it to Quicktime streams.

    I know that many people use software to do capture direct to services like LiveStream and UStream. But, that may not be what you want.

    Does your show itself need to be live? In other words, maybe you could use Fraps to capture both the background (behind the speakers) as well as speaker footage (with greenscreen behind them). Then combine them in an editing package like Premier.

  • Live N Kickin   7 years 40 weeks ago

    Sounds like a great idea Delinda... you can count me in as one of the performers...

  • ThinkBalm - Immersive Technology in the Workplace   7 years 41 weeks ago

    ThinkBalm produces reports based on their research in the immersive internet. Along with the reports they build 3D walk-through versions of the information and data in Second Life. One is called a Data Garden. In the show, Sam said the new build underway is called The Distillery. I thought that was a great name for it. Made me want to scan my bartenders hand book looking for fun metaphors.

    Check out more info about Sam and ThinkBalm on

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 41 weeks ago
    well still no way for me to delete that the buttons there but it still sends me to the no access page

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 41 weeks ago

    Yes, of course you are right. Another access denied! OK, well we're halfway there. Now I can figure out the other problem. Thanks for your professional beta testing work, RacerX. :-)

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 41 weeks ago

    OK now I can edit it at least. Now that I've fixed the original posting I can loose the reply where I added the correction before I could edit the original. argh. That make sense? Anyway for some reason I can't delete the follow up reply but I did edit it down to a :).

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 41 weeks ago

    No, no, don't get scared!!!!

    OK, well, you should be able to edit the first post.... the one with the Green Edit Button, as well as delete it, since you created it.

    Let me look at that right now.


    I fixed this, you should now be able to go back and change things using the green "Edit" button at the top of your posts.

    The difference between most posts and yours is that were selecting "Extended HTML" as your input format (why? maybe just for that feeling of power!!) Anyway, that really was OK, you can use any input format. But, I wasn't allowing you to edit the post for that reason. You can now, I fixed it.

  • Tell us your experiences!   7 years 41 weeks ago

    I been leaving a trail of posts I wish I could delete or at least edit. Seems if I start a thread that first post of the thread is out of my control there's no edit tab under it and the green edit button takes me to a page I don't have access too. I'm getting scared to post stuff. What am I doing wrong?

  • Life on the Virtual Frontier   7 years 41 weeks ago

    Congrats on the new site,!

    We'll get busy bringing some info from the Metanomics Community here to help people understand the depth of information and engagement that the Metanomics programs and all of the programing is filled with.

    The new site looks great!

    Jenn Forager,
    "Ask Me About Metanomics!"
    Community Manager
    Send ?'s and Metanomics Community Forum Topics to ME!

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 42 weeks ago

    cool ty wiz! that works!

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 42 weeks ago

    Arrrgh, yes. That error occurs sometimes because of Javascript. We're working on fixing it but it is a hard to fix problem. If it happens, you can temporarily get the upload to work by turning off Javascript while you submit the picture, then after you are done posting you can turn Javascript back on. Yes, it's a pain, and we promise to get it fixed as soon as we can.

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 42 weeks ago

    argh i keep receiving this message
    An HTTP error 0 occurred. /filefield/ahah/photo/field_photo/0

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 42 weeks ago

    picturepicture testingpicturepicture

  • Interview with our beloved Wiz   7 years 42 weeks ago

    Beloved? Hmmm... Maybe instead.... brilliant, insightful, visionary, neurotic...


    (Thanks for posting the link!)

  • VWBPE 2010   7 years 42 weeks ago

    I remember when Treet (then SLCN.TV) filmed the very first Best Practices in Education conference. It was a 24 hour marathon. Phew! But we did it and it was the most exciting thing we'd done inworld.
    Good luck with the event this year and we look forward to broadcasting it once again.

  • Life on the Virtual Frontier   7 years 42 weeks ago

    There is comprehensive background and biography info about this show on the Metanomics site at:

  • Controllers   7 years 42 weeks ago

    Before there were "real" drivers for the SpaceNav (pre Logitech days), we were using these bootleg drivers developed by some wacky European dude. They were great! I was amazed at the ability to redefine the buttons and make it do what you want. In many ways it offered us all kinds of features that the built-in drivers don't.

    But, the built-in drivers are easier, and now that SL recognizes the SpaceNav, it is just not worth the hassle of using the other drivers.

    I miss being able to program the buttons, though.

  • Double-click on text in post field   7 years 42 weeks ago

    I can't reproduce this behavior. I tried in Firefox and am composing this reply in Chrome. I haven't tried IE or Safari, but haven't noticed anything like this.

    If anybody has a similar problem, please shed some light on what circumstances/browsers may cause it, please!

  • Community   7 years 42 weeks ago

    Gee, Zen, considering the list of groups under your picture, I find it hard to believe you have been having difficulties joining...


    Wait, that's a joke, right? :-) :-)

  • Community   7 years 42 weeks ago

    I tried joining some groups but had difficulties.

    The dairy group said I didn't come from a cow so they couldn't let me in.
    The bread group said I was too big to fit in the breadbox.
    The vegetable group said I was too sweet.
    The fruit group told me I was a fruit loop.
    The fats group said I was too big for their tiny piece of the pyramid.

  • can we edit Episode listing information after it has been posted? want to add some urls   7 years 42 weeks ago

    It was a site decision to not highlight URLs until they get rolled over "with an underline".

    RacerX is also asking me how to get pictures into posts by the way. There is a way, it is just not very friendly so I am testing a new way. I'll get this done as soon as possible, and the place to look is in the Website Q&A forum. I'll post info there as soon as it's available.

  • can we edit Episode listing information after it has been posted? want to add some urls   7 years 42 weeks ago

    found it! edit button top right hand side...we need all urls highlighted, for now am saying click here do we add pictures to the posts?