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  • Cisco TechChat - Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things   7 years 27 weeks ago

    Good TechChat, KUDOS.
    Like to commend the speakers and excited for their validation of our new emerging industry. (Ex-Cisco Alumni)

  • Giant Snails will be there   7 years 28 weeks ago

    Giant Snail Relay posterGiant Snail Relay poster

    Cross Country Race dates
    20 March 2010 2PM
    17 April 2010 2PM
    15 May 2010 2PM
    19 June 2010 2PM
    17 July 2010* 2PM

    Regular Race Dates
    Every Saturday thats Not a Cross Country Day from above
    Starting on the 13th of March
    but at 11:00 AM.

    The Cross Country Races
    This is a really fun event. You can pick up the free Giant Snail avatar at Just touch the snail box there.
    Get a pimp my snail kit while your there it has a lot of things you can use to mod your snail if you want. The scarfs ARE on sale you can come by and buy a starting position scarf this gets your name added to the finish line so you'll hopefully get counted(we've had more trouble with this finish line one of these days well get it to work right) anyway I think I have it fixed this time.
    The scarf donation prices are

    1500 for a front starting position
    500 for a middle starting position and
    1 to be in the back starting position.

    All Donations go to the American Cancer Society
    then show up 30 or more minutes before the race get rezzed get your draw distance set low and simple and get ready to go. Here's what a race looks like

    Oh to enter the the NEW best dressed Snail of the days race contest contact Sante Klees to get your snail modeling shots filmed after you get your snail modded. Well try to get someone from Fabulous Fashion to pick the winner maybe. This will give us something to show people when the snails aren't near a camera positions during the races.

    race results

    We have a lot of folks that watch and want to be a part of the race but for one reason or the other don't race. Here is the way they can be involved without having to drive a snail.

    They can sponsor a snail
    The sponsor would pledge so many L$ on a snail for each sim they went through. Depending on the place of the snail at the finish of the race the amount would be more.

    for example

    10th or below.......1L per sim,
    7th...........................4L, ect. to 1st place where the amount would be 10 L per sim for a maximum donation of 600L for the 60 sim race.

    So if a snail can get just 10 sponsors, the race it could add 6000 to the kiosks.

    The sponsors will even get a little plaque saying they sponsored the Great Giant Snail Race of 2010!
    They could even get a little plaque saying they sponsored the Great Giant Snail Race of 2010! 1st 2nd and 3rd being fanciful some way.

    The more sponsors the bigger the bragging rights for bringing in the highest donation amount for that race/year.

    The donations and would all be between the snail and the sponsors please tp your sponsor to one of our Kiosks to pay it.

    Las Cross Country Races
    Este es un evento realmente divertido. Puedes coger el Avatar de Caracol Gigante aqui
    tan solo toca la caja del caracol alli.
    Coge un kit de tunea mi caracol cuando estes alli que tiene un monton de cosas que puedes usar para modificar tu caracol si quieres.
    Despues, cuando las bufandas esten a la venta, probablemente el dia 14, tu puedes venir y comprar una bufanda de posiciion de salida, esto hace que tu nombre quede registrado para la linea de llegada.
    Las ultimas veces hemos tenido problemas para contar el orden de llegada de tantos caracoles a la vez pero afortunadamente creemos que esto esta resuelto y funcionara esta vez.
    Los precios de las donaciones son

    1500 o mas para salir en cabeza
    500 o mas para salir en el medio
    1 o mas para salir desde atras
    Todas las Donaciones van a la American Cancer Society

    Una vez hecho estate por alli unos 30 minutos antes de la carrera, pon tus graficos en Bajo y todo simple y preparate para salir.
    aqui tienes un ejemplo de como sera la carrera

    Oh, y para entrar en lo NUEVO de el mejor caracol vestido de el dia de las carreras contacta con Sante Klees para que te grabe unas tomas. Hazlo despues de tener preparado tu caracol. Bueno intentaremos coger a alguien de Fabulouse Fashion para escoger al ganador quizas. Esto nos puede ayudar a saber donde estais en que posicion durante la carrera.

    resultados de las carreras

    The Regular Race Days
    We will also be doing our regular weekly races where well be asking for donations for relay
    Your welcome to come watch these races
    or race yourself but for the regular weekly race you need to get a snailing license to race, and get there in time to register the day of the race registration opens at 8:00 am and closes at 10:50 the day of the race. we only have room for up to 24 snails in this one and around 40 people total

    Need any help contact RacerX Gullwing or Waelya Tenk (snail trainer) Baldi McMillin (snail trainer)

  • Revealing the Didactic Character of Imagery in Second Life   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Thank you to VWBPE for the great convention, and thanks to Treet TV filming this presentation.
    In this presentation I asked some questions for participants' responds, I didn't recite all the answers from voice. Therefore, I list them below.
    If you would like to know more about this research, please visit

    Kristy Handrick: 1. What do you think could be the title of this image?
    Edith Halderman: didn';t rez yet
    Sail Wozniak: red dragon
    Jenaia Morane: Looks like a hanko
    Martin Pattle shouts: "stormclouds ver the pacific"
    toster Oh shouts: sky cat
    Paivi Shippe shouts: Storm is fading away
    Hilbert Hotaling shouts: Storm lion?
    Verox Nayar: red over grey
    venny Suen: flying kite
    Edith Halderman: bomb cloud
    Jenaia Morane: the red image remidns me of aboriginal or native people's art

    Kristy Handrick: 2. What do you think is the purpose of this place?
    Jenaia Morane: Meditation?
    Wendi Lavendel shouts: solitude
    Edith Halderman: a kingedom
    Verox Nayar: tranquility
    toster Oh shouts: experience
    Martin Pattle shouts: Interpretation

    Kristy Handrick: 3. What do you see in this image?
    Teri Boxen: dragon
    Jenaia Morane: dreamscape
    Verox Nayar: water
    Martin Pattle shouts: Impending Danger
    Raloc Dorado: Clouds Rain Palmtrees
    Paivi Shippe shouts: clouds
    Wendi Lavendel shouts: island
    CD Texan: cat, clouds, trees, water
    Maggie Larimore: clouds sky sand dragon trees horizon
    venny Suen: trees
    Arika Baroque: fire, water, air, eartgh
    Raloc Dorado: waterfall
    Arika Baroque: earth
    Jenaia Morane: stormy emotions
    Paivi Shippe shouts: mountains
    Kattan Hurnung shouts: solitude
    Heath Homewood: tundra

    Kristy Handrick: 4. What kind of feeling do you get from this image?
    toster Oh: natural landscape, abstract clouds, very abstract creature
    Maggie Larimore: danger in a quiet place
    Kattan Hurnung shouts: consicousness
    Tya Pearl: Stress
    Verox Nayar: willingness to be there
    CD Texan: seems a little lonely
    Paivi Shippe shouts: chilly
    Heath Homewood: peaceful
    noha Turbo: depression
    toster Oh shouts: excitement, depression
    Martin Pattle shouts: bemused
    Jenaia Morane: lonely
    Hilbert Hotaling shouts: The weather feels primal, and the creature seems to be personifying it.
    Tangre Lexenstar: I need sunshine!
    Paivi Shippe shouts: moist

    Kristy Handrick: 5. If you were at this site, what would you like to do here?
    Verox Nayar: take some picutres
    Opensource Obscure shouts: my perception of that image is hugely .. modified by the fact i visited that place - with friends. it was emotionally charactized for us
    Verox Nayar: pictures
    Kattan Hurnung shouts: reflect
    Martin Pattle shouts: Sing
    Raloc Dorado: Keep dry:)
    Maggie Larimore: wait and watch
    toster Oh shouts: ponder
    Heath Homewood: explore
    Jenaia Morane: breathe
    Paivi Shippe shouts: Go to the fire by the trees
    Tya Pearl: find shelter
    Tangre Lexenstar: horseback

    Kristy Handrick: 6. What does this image remind you of?
    Opensource Obscure shouts: look for borders
    Hilbert Hotaling shouts: Fly through the clouds. Sit among the trees. Sing into the wind.
    Heath Homewood: The Canadian arctic
    Martin Pattle shouts: Rorschach test
    Raloc Dorado: a stormy day
    toster Oh shouts: winter on the beach
    Jenaia Morane: low tide
    Jenaia Morane: at the ocean
    Hilbert Hotaling shouts: It reminds me of my current writing project, actually.
    Opensource Obscure: china paintings. but again, it's because I know that place...
    Tya Pearl: oil rig
    Paivi Shippe shouts: early sprint in our summer cottage
    Paivi Shippe shouts: spring
    Jenaia Morane: looks like a cat's head in the clouds

  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Teaching in Virtual Worlds   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I appreciate the professionalism and support given by those of TreetTV for our presentation!

  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Teaching in Virtual Worlds   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Thank you to Treet TV for filming select VWBPE Conference presentations. The Treet TV staff was fantasic! I was thrilled to have my presentation chosen for inclusion and I am pleased to have it achived.
    If anyone missed getting our notecards during the conference, please IM me in-world and I'll be glad to send them to you.
    Thank you!
    Esparanza Freese (SL)
    Hope Botterbusch (RL)

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    nope still got the same one, doh

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    hi there! i tryed too to changed profile picture.
    It is true, profile picture not changes at the moment, but if you wait some hours it will changes. Just need time to make the change. sorry english.

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    The evil forces are telling me your too optimistic so im going to throw another bug at ya <-lol

    Treet tv profile pictures wont change ahh! Just tried it, deleted my current picture then uploaded another to have the same one show up on the site doh >.<
    I tryed a few methods including logging out and back in, renaming the picture im uploading, double checked file size and width requirements and no go.

    btw I didnt do it.

  • Image rendering quality loss after upload   7 years 32 weeks ago

    I think the photo gallery software should come secondary to the sites performance but ive never had a problem with your site, the quality setting upgrade didn't show me much of a difference (but we are talking about a fairly large picture), and good comment about waiting and seeing if people use it alot before allocating site resources to facilitate a feature only I seem concerned about.

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Don't spend too many hours contemplating alternatives. :-)

    It's actually a pretty simple fix that involves a Flash player parameter ("wmode") that needs to be set to the value "transparent". Usually that fixes such problems, though I have to do a bunch of testing to be sure it doesn't break anything else.

    At least, I hope that's the simple fix (it has worked on many other sites in the past for us). My luck, there is some new and curious reason why it won't this time. :-)

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Hmm only thing that comes off the top of my head to address this problem would be to simply have the shows button not cascade down (I think the link is self explanatory) and we're not in the 56k days no more yay!, taking time to load the shows page is a matter of little importance to anyone with broadband.. just something on the top of my head though its not as if I spent hours contemplating alternatives.

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Yes any link off site should be a new tab or browser window but.. after reading your post i got to thinking that the new beta viewer 2.0 doesn't open new browser windows or tabs so maybe with being so involved with second life it may be a better idea to keep that setting the way it is until some kind of multi window functionality comes to media in secondlife. Alternatively I use ctr+left click on the desired link for new tabs and shift + click for new windows on my windows machine in firefox.

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    I wonder if some links should pop up a new window and other shouldn't. For example, if somebody links elsewhere on the current site, people wouldn't expect a popup. Or, if the link is to something that has moved. I can think of a lot of times where having the link pop up a new window may not be desirable.

    It is possible for people to do it themselves of course, like this:

    Visit our business site in a new window

    On the mac, I tend to use the "command-click" feature of firefox to open new tabs (I prefer to put everything in new tabs myself). I am wondering whether it may be better to let people manage popups and tab links according to their preferences?

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Ahhh, menus disappearing under the flash player. I'll get that fixed, probably within the week. Thanks for pointing it out. Note that if you are going back to the VSN simboarding main page, the title at the top-right (the name of the show), is clickable, and that may be a good shortcut.

    Any feedback on improving these things is vastly appreciated.

  • Image rendering quality loss after upload   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Things should be vastly improved now. But a few note.....

    Even when the image uploaded is exactly the same size as it is displayed, the system still "resaves it" using standard site-wide quality settings. The reason the site does this is to make sure that all the images on the site have comparable quality and size.

    So, for example, the image you originally uploaded (seen in the crop display) is you original image, exactly as you uploaded it. But, when it appears in the final gallery (and elsewhere on the site), it is reprocessed, and that's where the quality suffering was happening. I have increased the site-wide setting of the reprocessing quality which should make all images look a lot better. I took a look at the one you uploaded, and it looks much, much better. But, if you get out your magnifying glass, you may see slight differences.

    I will look into some way to make the photo gallery images available as higher quality. In fact, I may look into replacing the photo gallery software with something better if people do use it a lot.

    Let me know what you think.

  • Image rendering quality loss after upload   7 years 32 weeks ago

    You are sooooo right. Good eye.

    Let me take a look at why that happens, I am sure I can fix it.

  • Menu overlay issue   7 years 32 weeks ago

    hmm id like to add a suggestion after clicking my own link and that would be for links clicked inside users comments to be opened on a new page or tab. =) geese im on a roll today

  • Second Life 2.0 Viewer   7 years 33 weeks ago

    For the curious, this episode was not filmed using the new 2.0 viewer. It includes a short pre-recorded clip as a demo that illustrates one of the media features.

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 33 weeks ago

    Thanks, Wiz; problem solved :)

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 33 weeks ago

    I think it's fixed now, Gareth8, thanks for your patience.

    The problem has to do with "security between windows", and the "blank image" applied only to images in comments. It should all work fine now.

    Note that:

    • Images in comments should work fine.
    • Images in postings (forum, blog, etc) should work fine.
    • You no longer have disable Javascript, as advised above.

    Please keep me posted on additional problems! THANKS!

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 34 weeks ago

    I'm trying to upload an image, but when I click on 'Add image' all I get is a completely blank page. Could it be a Windows 7 or Firefox 3.6 issue?

  • How do you show pictures in the forum   7 years 34 weeks ago

    This got answered under I new topic in the Forum I think. Is this what you are looking for?

    Forums » Treet Cafe » New Website Q&A » How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs

  • How do you show pictures in the forum   7 years 34 weeks ago

    So how long are days in Australia? Are you on that month long day cycle?
    Didn't we have a add a picture button somewhere? I can't find that anymore. Zen says I can use HTML to show pictures in the forum. Could you explain how that's done or show me where the button is again?

  • New Feature: Creating Clips   7 years 34 weeks ago

    Awesomesauce! Thanks Wiz!

  • Giant Snails will be there   7 years 35 weeks ago

    yay! i cant wait!!