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  • 'Screencasting' Live Video of Screen, back to SL.   6 years 4 weeks ago

    i have a question..I am looking to find an original Treet tv that runs on quick player however i have had no luck. That is the only tv seems to work with my comp in world..I have adobe flash player however all the other tvs keep telling me to install it I have done this 100 times uninstall re install and nothing please help....

  • Is this thing on?   6 years 14 weeks ago

    I'm here!

  • Tell us your experiences!   6 years 21 weeks ago

    Candi, Once you log in to the site, go to the "My Account" link (very top of the page). That should take you to your Profile page. You should see a button under the main menu bar called "Change Account Settings"

    That is where you change your profile picture.

    Hope this helps.

  • Tell us your experiences!   6 years 22 weeks ago

    Since I cant post a topic this seems like the next likely place to get aid.
    I was trying to change my old profile pic and saw where it says to click the 'Activities' button on the right.......well, every time I do it takes me to the Treet home page it looks like. I dont think I can change my pic there hahahaah!! (help, hate that old pic)

  • Giant Snail Cross Country Relay For Life Race   6 years 28 weeks ago

    The Giant Snail Relay team proposes a challenge to all other relay teams

    We will put up 25,000 Lindens to the winning snails choice of team kiosk
    To make it even more interesting and give all other teams a fair and equal chance at this Linden prize it cannot be won by a snail that is on the Giant snail relay team or Go into the koisk of the Giant Snail relay team also cannot be won by any Giant snail that has made it to the final race of any of the regular Sunday races (or non Relay cross country races) ei Baldi McMillin, Tindalia Soothsayer, Gareth8 Albetros, and the rest of the pro Snail Racers that are regulars at the Races and have made it to a final race. Those Snails shall not be counted in this toward the win. The prize must be won by another team and not by any of the pro snails from regular snail racing!!

    It will go to the Relay team snail that places after the pro snails, So it may go to the 6th or 7th place finisher should our own pro snails get 1st through 5th place. (Last Giant Snail Cross country race this prize would have gone to the "Goreans in Relay for Life" team because they had Daaneth Kivioq that came in 3rd ) You may enter as many of your team members as you like. The more the better we have room for 120 snails granted only the first 40 that show up on race day that paid for Superior will get starting spots in the first starting sim of Superior. the rest will fill in the spots in the secondary Albitibi and thirdinary sim of Huron.

    Anythings possible in snail racing. If a sim crashes with the first 40 snails in it that puts the second sim full of snails in the running.
    Snails that crash and there will be some crashing are out of the running for this prize but please teleport back but not to the lead and finish the race the more snails crossing the grid the more relay awareness we accomplish and everyone wins when we bring in more new people to the RFL family.

    The race is the 17th of April
    Sunday at noon SL time
    will cross 51 sims takes about a minute per sim.
    You can buy your starting positions scarf at
    prices range from 1L or more starting in Huron (in the back)
    500L or more to start from Abitibi (in the middle)
    1,500 or more starting position Superior (in the front)
    If we oversell any starting spot sim the first 40 snails to get into the starting sim on race day will be the ones that get to start there
    any overflow will go to the next starting position sim.

    If you hit a full sim or a crashed sim you will be allowed to try to run around it . but no teleporting past it. no flying no jumping.
    so its a dangerouse alternative.

    This weeks theme is Spring so mod your snail to a spring theme and well try to get you on the carousel to show it off when
    treet doesn't have a camera pointed at anything good come early and listen for it when we try to film those.

    Many Thanks go out to and Waelya Tenk And Safra Nitely for donating to this prize
    and making it something we hope will encourage other teams to come and try and win
    lets make this one the biggest Giant Snail Race ever.!!!!

  • Funeral For Teen Second Life - Barry Joseph   6 years 28 weeks ago

    OpenSim doesn't have the same lag problems as Second Life, since each grid is its own separate entity, hosted on separate servers on different networks.

    If 100 schools had their own grids, it's much like 100 schools having 100 different websites -- the performance of one website isn't going to affect the performance of any others.

    Hypergrid does allow teleportation between different grids. But even though hypergrid teleports feel a lot like Second Life's internal teleports, you're actually landing on a different grid, and your grid of origin hands you over to your destination grid (while still continuing to supply your avatar, clothing, and accessories). In this case, your avatar will impact the performance of two grids, instead of just one.

    As a result, hypergrid teleports aren't that much of a burden. In any case, most school-based grids will probably have hypergrid teleports turned off - at least, while regular classes are in session, to keep strangers from dropping in.

    -- Maria Korolov, Editor, Hypergrid Business

  • Funeral For Teen Second Life - Barry Joseph   6 years 29 weeks ago

    The full text of this presentation can be found here.

    I would love to embed this on our blog, but I can't see how. Can anyone tell me?

  • Funeral For Teen Second Life - Barry Joseph   6 years 31 weeks ago

    Scott Provost, Director at Free Open University, Washington DC, writes: "We plan on proposing 130,000 Standalone mega regions (quad-sim with 180,000 prims) with extended Hypergrid services... If 130,000 schools in the USA have their own server with courses loaded in them. Remote instructors and at home student could log in or Hypergrid to them."

    This idea looks like minimum 260,000 concurrent users on a good day, in comparison to Teen SL with maximum 200 concurrent users on a good day (six years long)... Or minimum 5 times the mean number of concurrent SL users... 130,000 invisible standalone residents with quad-sims = 520,000 sims...

  • Funeral For Teen Second Life - Barry Joseph   6 years 31 weeks ago

    Teen SL had 197 regions, and in the course of 6 years, the maximum number of concurrent users "even on a good day" was 200... What do you expect if the education outreach metrics lag, next to SL lag?

  • Welcome! (sort of)   6 years 36 weeks ago

    It's been a year since your "Welcome" post. Has this been abandoned?

  • Master Class - 3D Architecture   7 years 1 week ago

    As an Architect, and also a Visualization specialist and BIM manager,
    I really enjoy this kind of immersion into 3D worlds, and we are always looking for new ways to present our designs to clients--especially in a real-time game-engine type of setup--but with photorealistic rendering!

    Check out Twinmotion--which is just about to be released:

    this looks very interesting--GPU based realistic rendering inside a gaming engine-like interface?


  • Noam Chomsky   7 years 1 week ago

    Well done Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo(INTEC) for being such an important part of this virtual encounter and also announce, in the Dominican Republic, the presentation of this interesting Second Life meeting with Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Furthermore, I would like to congratulate Robert Bloomfield too, for being such an excellent host and also, last but not least, my congratulations for everybody who made this possible. In my opinion, I think this is what the future of the earth needs; clever toughts exposed wisely in order to get intelligent and practical solutions for a more peacefull, sustainable and green future.

    Best regards.


  • Maslow's Hierarchical Hideaway in Second Life: What was I thinking?   7 years 12 weeks ago

    We were very pleased to note that Jackie Rexel's "Maslow's Hierarchical Hideaway", that we first covered on Designing Worlds when it appeared at SL6B, was featured recently in Treet's Virtual World Best Practices in Education.

    This is a fascinating and ingenious use of virtual world technology for education and we're happy to recommend viewers of VWBPE to our coverage on Designing Worlds (

  • Giant Snails will be there   7 years 14 weeks ago

    Well were doing the final final relay race for the relay on Saturday the 17th of July 3:00pm and it will be on a track in the event area of the relay grid, It will be on all 4 sims of the event area. It will be tiny snails made by Tindalia and they will cost 1000 ,They are available now at the track in Hawthorne for a limited time only. So stock up and sell them later when the value increases lol. More info as we get it.

    More info.. The start line will be here but that wont be open to the public till Saturday.

  • Giant Snails will be there   7 years 18 weeks ago

    This is the route for June's race you may notice it looks familiar. Well it's the same one we used in April so that may be why. I just didn't have time to set up a new route this month due to unexpected pc trouble. So were just going to do this route again because it was so much fun. I didn't fix the wrong way arrow so watch out for that. Last time I deleted the arrow after a few snails went the wrong way this week I think I'll leave it alone so everyone can enjoy it. lol :) Atol RouteAtol Route We start at the top and go to the bottom ending at Hobo

  • Giant Snails will be there   7 years 18 weeks ago

    Here's the map for the May race. Well I think were done so it shouldn't be changing anymore. Hint when you hit the boom cannon let go of the foreward button and let it send you as far as it can you'll hit an invisible wall that will drop you right on the path.Skyline Map RFL 2010eSkyline Map RFL 2010emoving mazemoving mazebouncy shroomsbouncy shrooms

  • Issues cropping a picture   7 years 25 weeks ago

    I'm working on Chrome and it's the "Matt Ryan at The Daily PWN" picture in the Daily PWN section

  • Issues cropping a picture   7 years 25 weeks ago

    I'm going to try to recreate the problem on a testing version of the site using Safari, Firefox, IE7 and Chrome. I'll post results here.

  • Issues cropping a picture   7 years 25 weeks ago

    Can you tell me which image you're working with? The cropping does work most of the time, so the chief thing I need to do is be able to see this for myself, then I am sure I can help find out what the specific circumstance is where it doesn't. Also, the browser you are using is important for me to know.

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 26 weeks ago

    Very peculiar about the add image.

    If it doesn't appear for you, is there any way you can send me a screen grab of the "reply" box? It seems to work for most people, but maybe there is something going on specific to your browser or set up.

    Here is a screen shot of what it should look like when you post or reply to a comment. The "Add image" feature is circled in red...

    Add Image featureAdd Image feature

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 26 weeks ago

    Sante, the problem was that your account never got verified by email. Not sure why this happens sometimes. I fixed your account so it is now verified. But, it would be a good idea to go in and check your email settings to be sure they're right. Maybe that's why the email didn't get to you when you signed up.

    But, on the other hand..... Santekless? Hmmm, I have a new theory. Maybe you were drinking when you signed up!! (OK, that's a joke Sante, just a joke!)

    If you want, I can change your username, just let me know by email. It shouldn't have much impact except changing your profile URL and I doubt that you have given that to anybody.

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 26 weeks ago

    I am not even getting anything that says add image much less anything below test I am typing to prompt me...I am using Windows 7....any hints? I am all logged in etc, but not seeing any of that.

  • Computing In The Clouds: Using Web-Based Applications To Trim Your Budget   7 years 26 weeks ago

    I'm so excited to see that a school district has decided to adopt Google Apps for Education and move into the cloud. I wish my school district would do this. I hope to see more districts make the move so that this becomes the norm and not the exception.

  • How to Add Images to Your Postings and Blogs   7 years 26 weeks ago

    I'm going to piggy back on this topic since I'm not allowed to create topics for some reason, but how do I create blogs? Racer's given me admin rights and everything (and I'm not even sure it that's something he's supposed to grant just for blog creation).

    Also somehow my login name ended up being Santekless instead of Santeklees, but I don't think that matters?

    Any ideas?

  • Second Life Terms of Service   7 years 27 weeks ago

    Joshua Fairfield gave a fantastic overview of the newly announced Second Life Terms of Service from a legal point of view. His opening remarks about a shift in direction were:

    "A natural evolution, but in two completely different directions..." and the "... new changes are almost schizophrenic."

    This again underscores the feeling that Linden Lab is in a state of transition between the original founders vision of 'Your World, Your Imagination', to more of an industry standard 'everything you create is licensed by Linden Lab'. Kind of a shame in many ways.

    The show does not go into all the details contained in the new TOS, so the details of the new terms are worth a read if you are a creator, designer or builder. Grace McDunnough has a review (and cool countdown clock!) worth checking out.