The worlds first virtual television network - making stars of avatars.

Treet TV is an entertainment network that serves virtual worlds viewers and producers. Established in March 2007, Treet TV uses a collaborative production model which has resulted in more than 3000 hours of broadcast quality content, all targeting the emerging phenomenon of virtual living. We work with talented people located all around the world who are creating events in Second Life, from fashion shows, to sporting contests and music performances. Shows are broadcast live to audiences inworld on Treet TV enabled television screens, as well as live onto the world wide web. Large scale live events in the past include the Transformers press event, Philip Rosedale SL6B Opening Ceremony and the Best Practices in Education conferences.

A business-focused companion site highlights how virtual worlds are being used to enrich and enhance corporate and enterprise innovation. It can be found at

Getting Involved

There are lots of ways to participate. Watching lots of Treet shows is a good start and hopefully you are already enjoying them on this site.

Don't hesitate to discuss and leave comments on any Treet TV shows or blogs. Log in or register to get started.

Many show teams are looking to for help with production and planning. Tell us a little about yourself and what you are most interested in doing at Treet TV. Email us at info at treet dot tv.

If you want to submit a show idea, please refer to our Wiki page detailing how we accept show proposals.

Advertise on Treet

Want to reach the residents of Second Life? Advertise with Treet TV and join the team that's reaching more Second Life viewers than anyone else. Since Treet TV started in March 2007, over two million people have tuned-in. Plus, our viewership is growing every day. We reach 1/3 of the active Second Life users with regular weekly programming.

Treet TV is the world's first virtual TV network, bringing Second Life residents entertaining shows like Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, Metanomics, GOHA Hockey and Designing Worlds. We have also produced a wide range of special programs such as the Modavia Fashion Week Launch, The Best Practices in Education Series, and even press events for the Transformers and Die Hard film launches.

Treet TV reaches a broad demographic with an established range of entertainment and sports plus a dedicated site focused on business shows. Every show is broadcast live as it happens, then archived on the web, published on iTunes as a podcast, and added to our eight inworld channels running 24/7.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available to target the audiences you're most interested in, whether they are business users or those wishing to kick-back and watch dirt field car races and runway fashion shows. If you are interested in advertising packages or would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Advertising Sales
+1 415 200 0214 x6004

RSS Feeds

All Treet TV shows are available for free as subscription feeds and as podcasts in iTunes.

For more information about how to subscribe and receive your favorite shows, see our Feeds page with all the deatils.

Knowledge Base

We have an active wiki containing lots of useful information about Treet shows and for submitting materials for inclusion on the network.

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