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Want to reach the residents of Second Life? Advertise with Treet TV and join the team that's reaching more Second Life viewers than anyone else. Since Treet TV started in March 2007, over two million people have tuned-in. Plus, our viewership is growing every day. We reach 1/3 of the active Second Life users with regular weekly programming.

Treet TV is the world's first virtual TV network, bringing Second Life residents entertaining shows like Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, Metanomics, GOHA Hockey and Designing Worlds. We have also produced a wide range of special programs such as the Modavia Fashion Week Launch, The Best Practices in Education Series, and even press events for the Transformers and Die Hard film launches.

Treet TV reaches a broad demographic with an established range of entertainment and sports plus a dedicated site focused on business shows. Every show is broadcast live as it happens, then archived on the web, published on iTunes as a podcast, and added to our eight inworld channels running 24/7.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available to target the audiences you're most interested in, whether they are business users or those wishing to kick-back and watch dirt field car races and runway fashion shows. If you are interested in advertising packages or would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact:

Advertising Sales
+1 415 200 0214 x6004